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9 Free Yoga Videos for Back Pain

Published on March 2, 2021

When you have back pain, yoga can be a great tool to help relieve the tension and pain and to prevent future back injury. Yoga can be practiced as a gentle workout to stretch and lengthen the muscles in your back, and strengthening your core. Also, learning how to relax and reduce stress can help you manage chronic back pain. As it can be hard to find a good free yoga video that helps heal the back and spine, we put together this list of the nine best free yoga back pain videos on YouTube.

It is important to know and understand the source of your back ache before attempting a class. If you suffer from mild and occasional back discomfort, a gentle yoga practice should be beneficial. For more acute, severe and chronic conditions you should have a doctor or physical therapist approve yoga as a therapy for you. Sharp intense pain, numbness and tingling are all signs that you should immediately stop and rest or modify your posture. If there is no improvement or if your condition worsens after your practice, you should seek professional medical advice.

The most common yoga poses for back pain are CatCow, Downward Facing Dog, Sphinx pose, Cobra pose, Bridge pose, Half Lord of the Fishes, Supine Spinal Twist, and Child’s pose. If you are brand new to yoga, or a bit rusty, we recommend you review these poses before practicing the following videos.

The best yoga back pain videos

We’ve limited this list to the best videos that address general back discomfort, strain and tightness. Soon we will curate similar lists to address videos that focus on more specific back pain issues like low back pain, neck and shoulder pain and sciatica.

Yoga For Back Pain by Yoga With Adriene

This 30-minute class begins on your back with some deep breathing and some slow gentle warmups with the legs. After transitioning into table pose, the rest of the practice includes a sequence of poses, many with knee bent variations to gently stretch the back muscles. The class ends with a few breaths in Shavasana.

Yoga For Back Pain with Savannah by YOGATX

This 20-minute practice starts on supine with some gentle twists and leg stretches. From all fours, the class adds some core strengthening movements with some gentle back stretches. This video ends standing with a few conscious breaths.

Yoga to alleviate back pain by Yoginimelbourne

You’ll want to have a block handy for this gentle 15-minute practice. This sequence is composed completely of poses on the back. The class begins with some breathing and several leg and hip stretches. The practice continues with some supine twists and some bridge pose variations and ends in Shavasana.

Yin Yoga Class for Back Pain & Back Stiffness with Kassandra by YogiApproved

Grab a block, bolster or firm pillow for this 45-minute yin yoga class. This six pose sequence starts in puppy dog pose and continues with Sphinx, Threading the Needle, Seal, Supported Bridge, Knee Down Twist. The practice ends with Shavasana and a short seated meditation.

Yoga For Back Strength and Recovery by Boho Beautiful Yoga

This gentle and easy 15-minute yoga video is perfect to strengthen and stretch the lower and upper areas of the back. The class mixes strengthening movements and gentle deep stretches that will help relieve back pain and help maintain a healthy spine.

Yoga For Back Pain by Yoga With Bird

This 20-minute yoga routine promises to incorporate “some of the best stretches for back pain relief.” The first half of the practice slowly flows through with several gentle supine warm ups and poses. The second half moves through a sequence of Cat/Cow, Child, Revolved Hero Pose and Seated Yoga Mudra.

Yoga for Back Pain Relief by Yoga with Yana

This 18-minute video’s sequence of basic yoga exercises are intended to help relieve tension, discomfort and stiffness from the back. The video are starts off with Cat/Cow and Puppy Dog pose and includes a few hip opening stretches like Pigeon and Bound Angle. The class ends with Shavasana pose. You are encouraged to practice these postures regularly for the best results.

Yoga for Back Pain Relief by Yoga with Heather

You’ll want a yoga block or book and some pillows to practice with this video. Heather begins seated with a few moments of mindful breathing before flowing through some basic warm ups and simple seated and supine yoga poses. The intention of this 28-minute practice is to “stretch and strengthen the muscles of the low back and middle back for sweet relief.”

Yoga For Back Pain – All Levels by YogaCandi

This class begins with a seated meditation followed by several neck and shoulder warm ups. This sequence is the most creative and unusual in our list and incorporates several interesting asana variations. The goal of this practice is to “twist, stretch and flow with ease to release muscular tension, stress and pain.”

Want More Free Yoga Videos?

At YogaBasics, we’re regularly reviewing new yoga videos and delivering our top picks to you on the blog every single month! Browse our Free Yoga Videos archives to find the perfect practice for your mood, energy level, and schedule.

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