7 Ways to Realign Your Chakras

Ways to Realign Your Chakras

Feel like you’re spinning out of control, stuck in a rut, or bogged down by the blahs? If so, your chakras could be out of balance. The shift in seasons, the cycle of the moon, the weather, personal and world events, and life transitions can all cause the body’s energy centers to become blocked or out of balance. The good news is you don’t have to be a Reiki master to realign the chakras—there are several quick and easy ways to get your “disks of light” whirling again.

1. Ignite a Stick of Incense

The first of the seven main chakras, the root chakra, is closely linked to our sense of smell. Earthy scents can help ground a restless, unstable body. Lower the lights, sit tall in a chair with your feet rooted firmly on the ground or sit in Sukhasana (easy pose), and burn a stick of cedar incense. The woodsy scent could be just the thing to connect your body to the earth and restore your sense of stability.

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2. Get Grounded with Gemstones

The properties of individual gemstones are as unique as their colors, shapes, and sizes. Gemstones can be held in the hand, worn as a pendant, used to make mala beads, or placed directly over the chakras. To target the second or sacral chakra use gemstones with an orange tint like orange calcite.

3. Light a Salt Lamp

Bring the experience of a salt cave into the comfort of your home with Himalayan salt lamps. Salt lamps help purify the air, reduce the symptoms of allergies and asthma, improve blood flow, and act as a sleep aid. The glowing pink-orange-gold lamps also help balance the three lower chakras. Choose one with a golden glow to target the third chakra or solar plexus.

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4. Take a Yoga Class

A skillful yoga teacher will design a class that works to gently stretch and open specific areas of the body in a natural succession. Focused classes can target areas where you feel shut down or closed off. For example, hip-opening postures can target the lower chakras while back bends and shoulder openers can be good for the heart chakra. Try this heart opening sequence to balance the fourth chakra.

5. Sip Some Tea

Tea time is traditionally a time to pause, slow down, and savor the moment in an otherwise busy day. Choose specially blended herbs to enhance the benefits. The next time you curl up with a cup, brew a blend of fifth chakra tea to balance the throat chakra and you’ll not only speak clearly, but you’ll rekindle your creativity as well.

6. Experiment with Essential Oils

With essential oils becoming more popular many are discovering the positive impact of scent on the body. Essential oils are commonly mixed with other oils or diluted with water so they can be safely applied to the skin. Inhaling the scent of essential oils can help calm or uplift the body, balance emotions, and support physical and spiritual well-being. Try Jane Inc.’s lavender face mist to relax the mind, soothe the skin, and bring the third-eye chakra into balance.

7. Recite a Mantra

If you’re like many of us who have trouble sitting in silent meditation, mantra recitation can be a useful tool to focus the mind and balance the body. A mantra can be a phrase or word that is meaningful to you or an ancient Sanskrit chant designed to evoke a specific deity. Try repeating the sound of Om with a set of rudraksha beads to balance the crown chakra and connect to your higher self.    

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