9 Great Meditation Videos to Boost Your Creativity

Meditation Videos for Creativity

Meditation is a powerful and effective practice to enhance and boost your creative capacity. While there are many different approaches to meditation for creativity, those with more visual minds may favor guided meditations, which paint vivid mental images that are easy to focus on. With this in mind, we have collected the nine best free creativity meditation videos. Our picks cover a spectrum of guided meditation techniques, including breathwork, chanting, chakra visualization, and drawing. Which meditation do you think will boost your creativity the most? We guess you’ll have to try them all to find out!

Meditation for Creativity & Focus with Jazz

This breath-based guided meditation is sure to awaken your inner artist! Jazz begins the video with a short talk and then moves into a meditation meant to help you overcome fear and resistance and seize the opportunity to move forward with creative work. The 13-minute meditation ends with a few minutes of gentle yoga stretching and simple movement.

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Meditation for Creativity by Rebekah Borucki

This 10-minute meditation focuses on giving you the inspiration to follow your curiosity and spark your imagination. Rebekah’s instruction focuses on slow, deep breathing and is complemented by the ample spaciousness between her verbal prompts. This meditation will help you acknowledge the value of your voice and embrace the worthiness of your actions.

Guided Meditation for Creativity and Focus by Jen Edds

This 10-minute practice uses a 4-4-4-4 breathing pattern (inhale, hold, exhale, and hold for four counts each) in combination with sensory awareness, visualization, and affirmation. Jen invites you to visualize your creative center as a spark in your belly and finishes the meditation warmly by repeating a single affirmation several times.

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Guided Breathwork Meditation for Creativity by Eileen Fein

The first half of this 13-minute video uses a heart and belly breathing exercise and guided meditation to help you release negativity, judgment and self-doubt. In the second half, Eileen teaches a simple calming breath to guide you to create an internal space filled with love, joy, and peace where inspiration and new ideas can grow.

Chakra Meditation for Sensuality and Creativity by Shaffali

This quick and cute 3-minute meditation video gives instruction on chanting the second chakra bija mantra to unblock restrictions and to free up your energy. Opening the second chakra will help you express your sexuality and creativity more freely.

Mindfulness Drawing Meditation by Catherine

This is a fun instructional video that leads you on the meditative journey of drawing an improvised mandala. As you draw along with the video you’ll experience mindfulness, deep breathing and contemplation. Use any art materials you have on hand, and in just 13 minutes you will have created a beautiful and expressive piece of artwork that’s perfect for displaying on your altar or in your yoga space.

Creativity Meditation by Chelsea Pottenger

This 5-minute video uses a simple and straightforward guided meditation to help you visualize a warm light energy inside yourself. You’ll experience this energy expanding from your third eye center to the rest of your body, then outwards into the space around you.

Guided Meditation: Invoking Your True Creative Self

This meditation begins with progressive relaxation to reduce stress and then guides you to contemplate your values and passions. This deep 22-minute exploration encourages you to visualize yourself removing the obstacles and barriers that are preventing you from being creative.

Guided Meditation to Activate Creativity by Caren Baginski

This 5-minute video uses a guided visualization of the Sacral Chakra to encourage and empower you to bring your creative ideas and desires into the world. The meditation focuses on deep relaxation and getting you “in the flow” to activate your creativity.

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