The Best Free Yoga Videos for April 2018

Best Free Yoga Videos for April 2018

In this month’s collection of free yoga videos, we have compiled a great list of videos for every level of yoga experience. Our list starts with gentle routines, moves into intermediate sequences, and ends with an advanced vinyasa practice. Whether you are a veteran yogi looking for a relaxing class or a beginner looking for a challenge, we have something to fit your body and mind’s needs.

Yoga For Beginners: Easy Stretch & Stress Release

This 15-minute yoga class is perfect for beginners or someone who is recovering from an injury. Listening to Juliana’s sweet voice and the peaceful waves in the background will encourage you to move slowly, stretch deeply, and relax your whole body.

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Restorative Yoga for Beginners Class

In this video, Briohny Smyth creates an outlet for stress that enables you to boost your mood and energy. This 18-minute restorative flow is wonderful for anyone who needs to add a little self-care to their day. Get ready to leave your mat feeling calm and revived.

Total Body Yoga Flow (Bird Of Paradise)

This hour-long, intermediate whole body flow will gear you up for the challenging Bird of Paradise pose. This video begins by warming up your body and joints and then moves into several Balancing Poses. Then Lesley Fightmaster instructs several modified poses to open, stretch, and strengthen the muscles you will need to attempt the Bird of Paradise pose. You will need a yoga strap and two yoga blocks to fully participate in this practice.

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Strong Beginner and Intermediate Vinyasa Yoga

Busy day, but need to stretch and sweat? Cassandra will guide you through a quick, yet challenging flow based on several full and half sun salutations. Get ready to use your core and breathe. This video is a great way to start and energize your day!

Vinyasa Flow Yoga Workout Hip Opening Flow

If you want to strengthen and stretch your body and open your hips, this 23-minute vinyasa workout flow is perfect for you. While this sequence emphasizes Hip Opening Poses, Tim Senesi also combines exercises to help pump blood through your body and heat up your joints. Tim encourages you to focus your mind and restore health and balance to your bodies and spirit.

Advanced Vinyasa Flow

Needing a more advanced flow and challenging workout? In this 30-minute vinyasa practice, Cat Meffan leads you through a beautiful routine to heat your body up. Be ready to use your breath and move with intention while engaging your core. Cat has put together the perfect intensity vinyasa flow while ending with some feel-good stretches.

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