The Best Free Yoga Videos for April 2020

Best Free Yoga Videos

As springtime emerges this year many of us are under stay-at-home orders, which can create strong feelings of tension, worry, sadness, loneliness, and anxiety. Many of the videos in this month’s collection address our collective emotional state either directly or indirectly. If you are feeling antsy at home, check out this wonderful and diverse selection of free yoga videos ranging in styles, intensity, and length. We hope you find this list of calming and harmonizing videos helpful in balancing your emotions and supporting your inner and outer journey this month.

Morning Yoga for Flexibility by TaraStiles

If you are feeling overwhelmed or are stuck in a rut check out this awesome 8-minute practice. The class starts and ends in seated meditation and this quick sequence has a great mix of sweet simple movements with more challenging poses. You can use this morning practice anytime to give yourself a boost of energy and focus.

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Restorative Self-Care Yoga by Jessica Richburg

If you are feeling overwhelmed with stress, tension, and worry, roll out your mat for this lovely 40-minute gentle and restful yoga class. This slow-paced sequence holds each posture for 5 to 8 breaths. This class focuses completely on deep stretching floor poses.

Strong & Stretchy Yoga by Cat Meffan

Allow yourself to embrace and soak up the sweetness, aliveness, and nourishment of this 30-minute flow. This class focuses on strengthening poses with an active engagement of the muscles and longer holds of deep yin-style stretches.

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Yoga for Vulnerability by Yoga With Adriene

This 35-minute grounding practice is “anchored in an invitation to focus on the rise and fall.” Beginning in a fetal position, this slow, gentle, and sweet sequence contains all seated poses to help reconnect with your inner support system and cultivate peace, openness, and vulnerability.

Yin Yoga For Stress & Anxiety Relief by Boho Beautiful

This slow deep-stretch yoga practice begins with a few warm-up movements and continues with several yin-style yoga poses to open the hips and hamstrings. If you are needing to let go of stress or anxiety check out this relaxing 24-minute video.

45 Minute Power Yoga Class with Ally Maz by lululemon

If you are feeling stuck and stagnate then consider practicing with this fun 45-minute power yoga flow. This full-body workout will build strength in your core legs, back and arms with poses like Side-Plank, Wild Thing, Reverse Warrior, and Balancing Figure-Four Pose.

Energizing Total Body Deep Stretch with Jacq St. Pierre by YOGATX

If you like to begin your yoga with some chanting, check out this heart-opening flow. This 28-minute practice includes several challenging variations to build core strength, vitality, and energy.

Detox & Revive Yoga Flow by Yoginimelbourne

Focusing on twisting yoga poses, this 23-minute dynamic yoga practice will boost your circulation and encourage the deep release of physical and emotional tension. The class ends with a Supine Bound Angle and Corpse pose to further help revive and nourish yourself.

Guided All Levels Vinyasa by Sjanaelise

This sweet and engaging all levels vinyasa video provides several options to choose how intense or challenging to make this practice. There are several pauses in Hero and Child’s pose to integrate, breathe, and rest. Practicing along with this 65-minute class will leave you feeling rejuvenated, open, and calm.

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