The Best Free Yoga Videos for February 2020

Best Free Yoga Videos

The end of winter can be challenging to find the motivation, joy, and encouragement to keep showing up for your yoga practice. The comfort of sleep and fear of the cold are two reasons that many yoga practitioners miss some or all of their yoga during wintertime. If your practice is feeling stale and uninspiring, this is probably a good time of year to mix things up and try something a bit different. In this month’s collection of free yoga videos, we have found a great mix of whole body flows with shorter classes targeting specific areas of tension and tightness. We hope you find this list of fun and unique videos helpful in spicing up your winter yoga practice and giving you the encouragement to keep rolling out your yoga mat!

Yoga Kiss Flow by Yoga With Adriene

If you are wanting to “open your heart while cultivating strength and flexibility in mind, body, and spirit,” then check out this sweet 40-minute yoga flow. This playful practice explores unconditional love through modified Sun Salutations, and an engaging flow of yoga poses on the ground like Upward Boat, Happy Baby, and Supine Spinal Twist.

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Yoga Stretches For Flexibility with Andrea Russell by Well+Good

This full-body yoga class will get you feeling calm and flexible in just 18 minutes. The practice begins on the back with some leg stretches and spinal twists and then moves into a standing sequence of poses that include low lunge, Half-Monkey Split, Standing Straddle, and Goddess Squat Pose.

Steady Heart Opening Yoga Flow by Patrick Beach

This 26-minute class explores “moving through the spine and side body to open the heart.” Beach’s style is very creative, fluid, and free, and the movements are continuously linked with the breath. This class isn’t beginner-friendly as there are several challenging poses, including Wild Thing, Wheel, and Forearm Stand.

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Recover & Strengthen Yoga Flow by Yoginimelbourne

This 45-minute yoga practice begins with several yummy and gentle stretches and movements for the arms, shoulders, and neck. The class then moves into a vinyasa flow style sequence to stretch the hamstrings and back body while building upper body and core strength.

Fun Yoga Flow No.8 by Marissa Walch

This 45-minute vinyasa flow class is certainly creative and fun but also challenging and strengthening. Options are given, so there is space towards moving deeper into this practice, but this video is not beginner-friendly.

Top 3 Yoga Poses for Neck Pain & Tension by Yoga with Kassandra

If your neck feels stiff or sore, check out this simple 5-minute yoga sequence to release neck tension. These three simple yoga poses can be done just about anywhere.

Hip-Opening Quick Yoga Flow by Flow and Heal Yoga with Marinka

After some gentle cat and cow movements, this 19-minute yoga class moves into a vinyasa sequence to warm and energize the body before moving into several hip opening poses. You can alternatively use this video to warm up and prepare for deeper yin poses.

Wrist Free Standing Yoga Flow by Yoga With Bird

If you suffer from wrist pain or are just looking for a unique and engaging yoga class, check out this 15-minute “wrist free” flow. This class is mostly standing poses that build balance and strength and ends with several breaths in Child’s pose.

Yoga for Tense Shoulders & Hips by SarahBethYoga

This 20-minute all-levels class is designed to “soften your stiff neck, relax tense shoulders and loosen tight hips.” Incorporating several types of twisting poses, the sequence starts standing and ends in a sweet Child’s pose.

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