The Best Free Yoga Videos for January 2018

The Best Free Yoga Videos for January 2018

We are excited to launch a new monthly series of the best free yoga videos! Each month we will cull through the hundreds of newly released videos to bring you the most helpful and inspiring ones.

Similar to a sunrise, a new year brings us the hope and optimism of new beginnings and the possibility of a fresh start. The videos we’ve selected for January create a sense of embracing a new dawn and setting intentions. We hope that these yoga videos will allow you to open your heart, clear your mind, and start this year feeling focused and connected.

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New Year Vinyasa Flow Yoga and Pranayama to Shine

Shine your light brightly this year when you practice this 30-minute vinyasa yoga flow. With her clear and detailed instructions, Caren Baginski’s teaching style is excellent for beginners. Practicing this video will encourage you to “stoke your inner fire toward your intentions and goals.”

Yoga for New Beginnings

This 19-minute yoga practice will encourage you to say goodbye to all of the old stuff that is no longer serving you and a big hello to new beginnings. “Open your mind and heart, and welcome in fresh breath, joy, opportunity, and self-love,” says Adriene, with this easy floor-focused asana sequence.

Yoga Practice for New Beginnings, Growth, and Evolution

The theme of this yoga practice is honoring and embracing the small daily shifts necessary to move towards the more substantial changes we desire for the new year. This 30-minute soothing floor practice is a lovely slow-paced sequence that incorporates several deep stretches held for 5-10 breaths.

New Year’s Yoga Shred Cardio Blast & Weight Loss Flow

This fierce and empowering flow of asana with high-intensity interval training will give you a thorough workout in just 25 minutes. Sadie Nardini promises that this video will provide you with “the results of one hour of working out and doing yoga: cardio, strength, weight loss, fat and calorie burn, tone, trim, detox, stretch, and glow.”

Easy Beach Yoga in Antigua with Kino

Filmed on a sunny beach, this sweet 17-minute vinyasa keeps the soothing sounds of the ocean in the background. With her sweet voice, Kino expertly guides this all levels practice. She encourages us by saying, “You don’t have to be strong or flexible to begin the yoga practice. All you need is an open heart and the inspiration to practice yoga.”

Yoga Workout Blast / Tools For A New You

The theme of this yoga video is “decision,” and it begins with a passionate and engaging talk on how to make changes in your life. Filmed outdoors in Sedona, this beautiful 18-minute asana sequence uses dynamic movements to build strength and intensity. Juliana’s clear instruction is recorded over an upbeat electronica soundtrack.

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