The Best Free Yoga Videos for July 2018

The Best Free Yoga Youtube Videos for July 2018

Are you feeling stuck in your yoga practice, repeating the same poses time and time again? It happens to the best of us. While there are many benefits of practicing the same yoga sequence every time you step on your mat—just think of the classic vinyasa sequence—repetition can quickly become boring and cause you to leave out poses that might benefit your practice. So if you’re yearning to spice things up and try a fresh flow, check out this month’s list of the best free yoga videos! We’re certain you’ll find something new and interesting to try that will reinvigorate your practice and leave you feeling more experimental than ever.

Boost Your Energy with Yoga

You know those days when you need a little power nap or energy boost to get through the rest of the afternoon? This short 5-minute sequence of standing yoga poses is perfectly suited for that—you can do this flow just about anywhere! If you have time, you might want to end the video with a few moments of stillness to fully integrate the practice.

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Yoga for Insecurity

In need of a reminder that you that you are awesome and you are loved? In this 23-minute video, Adriene invites you to recognize your inner power and let go of insecurities. Take a deep breath and let this sequence of core strengthening floor poses help you face your fears and find the strength to stay positive.

Power Yoga Workout for Weight Loss & Strength

Energy to spare? Jump right into this challenging 20-minute flow to increase your strength and tone your body. Sarah Beth gives clear and simple cues and provides modifications for the more challenging poses. Several short breathing breaks provide opportunities for re-grounding and centering.

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Intermediate Level Yoga For Strength & Flexibility

If you’re looking for more confidence, strength, and flexibility this intermediate flow is calling your name! This challenging 21-minute yoga sequence is perfect to get your body and mind aligned while still connecting with your breath.

Yoga for Men – Tight Hips Flow

Billy Potocnik designed this 42-minute yoga flow specifically for men with tight hips. In this all levels class you will break a sweat while opening the hips and working with your breath. You will need two blocks for this class.

Restorative Yoga for Bedtime and  Sleep

This 19-minute restorative yoga flow will help you calm yourself and unwind after a long day or week. This sequence is perfect to practice before bedtime to encourage deep rest and renewal. Put on something comfy, grab a bolster (or some pillows and blankets) and a yoga block, and let these easy, supported yoga poses guide you into relaxation mode.

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