The Best Free Yoga Videos for July 2019

Free Whole-Body Yoga Videos July 2019

As we sorted through all of the recent yoga videos on YouTube, we noticed a “whole body” theme in most of the best new videos. This isn’t terribly surprising since a general yoga practice should touch on all parts of the body and also have the body move in as many different directions as possible. Luckily, these whole body sequences are very different in their style, intensity, and types of poses. We’ve also added a few different videos to round out this month’s collection with more diversity and interest. Let us know which of these 9 whole-body flows you loved the best!

Full Body Vinyasa Yoga by Jessica Richburg

This 35-minute full-body yoga class uses vinyasa movements to create a synchronized flow of movement with the breath. This video starts with some sweet and gentle warm-up movements and slowly builds up to more challenging poses like Side Plank, Chair, Warrior III, and Dancer pose. The pace is moderate, with enough time to provide a good amount of alignment cues for each pose.

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Total Body Yoga Workout by Fightmaster Yoga

While this energizing 20-minute yoga routine is not a super-challenging workout, it does contain a bit of core work and a few other strengthening poses. The most challenging poses in this video are Warrior I, Prayer Twist, and Camel. Lesley has an extremely calming voice which helps you stay chill in even when the practice becomes tricky.

Full Body Yoga Flow & Stretch by Sarah Beth Yoga

This 30-minute yoga video is an excellent sequence of strengthening yoga poses combined more challenging modifications. The yoga class finishes with a few slow deep yin stretching poses like Bound Angle and Belly Twist pose to leave you with a deep sense of connection and groundedness.


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Total Body Yoga Vinyasa Flow by Yoga Dose

Filmed against a beautiful backdrop of water, mountains, and sky, this 50-minute vinyasa sequence is “designed to stretch and strengthen the muscles in your whole body, leaving you feeling strong and ready for your day.” While this class is a challenging workout, the pace and instruction are slow enough so you won’t get lost or confused.

Cardio-Burn Workout for Mind & Body by PsycheTruth

If you want to boost your metabolism and build strength, check out this 20-minute vinyasa flow with Julia Marie. This class starts with some seated warm-up movements and then flows into some modified sun salutations and ends with several gentle stretches and Shavasana pose.

Full Body Yoga Workout by Boho Beautiful

If you want a fast-paced and challenging yoga workout, check out this 20 minute “Mountain Bootcamp” video. Filmed in Nepal with a backdrop of stunning mountain peaks, this sequence uses multiple reps of knee crunches, Chaturanga push-ups, and other cardio movements to stimulate your metabolism and build lower and abdominal strength.

Strengthening Yoga Workout For Abs & Thigh Sculpting by BrettLarkinYoga

This challenging yet well-rounded class requires an intermediate level of yoga experience to complete. Core strengthening movements and intermediate yoga poses like Eagle, Warrior III, and Balancing Half-moon gives this yoga sequence a fun, and spicy flavor and this flow will leave you feeling energized and healthy.

Pure Presence by Yoginimelbourne

This 25-minute mindful yoga practice begins standing and flows with some creative, warm-up movements in mountain pose. This interesting and engaging sequence was created as “a grounding practice that encourages you to bring all of yourself to each and every moment, on and off the mat.”

Wind Down Yoga & Meditation by Cat Meffan

This 20-minute class is an excellent way to end your day and prepare for a good nights sleep. The first half of the video is a sweet sequence of gentle and calming yoga poses with long yin style holds. The second half is a silent meditation to clear the mind of any remaining stress or worry.

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