The Best Free Yoga Videos for July

Free Yoga Videos

The month of July brings in the energy of activity, adventure, vitality, wildness, and unpredictability. The opportunity for change and transformation is ripe during this month and we can use the heat of summer to soften any hard edges and melt away our resistance to spiritual and emotional growth. Honor your aliveness and expansiveness with our collection of free yoga videos that explore the body, breath, and mind. We hope these nine awesome free yoga videos support and inspire a yoga journey of adventure and freedom.

Full Body Yoga Flow to Feel Amazing & Reconnect by Boho Beautiful

This 20-minute flow is a full-body sequence designed to “release tension, stress, negativity, and anything that is holding you back today.” The class starts off easy and gentle in Child’s pose and slowly builds up in challenge until reaching a modified Warrior 3 and a Balancing Half Moon pose. The practice ends with a balancing squat pose and Shavasana.

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Gentle Vinyasa Flow by Cat Meffan

This 32-minute yoga class begins seated with several gentle warm-ups. The sequence continues at an easy pace but includes many interesting twisting poses to encourage releasing tension and tightness.The practice builds up to Dancer pose and then ends with a number of seated poses and a final meditation.

Full Body Flow by Yoginimelbourne

This 36-minute class begins with seated warmups in Virasana or Hero’s pose. After moving through several down dog variations and lunging poses, the sequence peaks in Side Plank. The video ends with several longer yin style holds to open up the hips and legs, and a couple of minutes in Shavasana.

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Full Body Deep Stretch Power Yoga by YOGATX

This video begins with some gentle warm-up movements on your back and then quickly builds up the pace for the remainder of the 29-minute practice. While challenging, the pace and amount of instruction are accessible to most experienced yogis. The most challenging part of the practice is moving from Eagle pose to Warrior 3. The intention of this sequence is to tone muscles and build strength in often neglected parts of the body. The class ends with an inversion and Shavasana pose.

Yoga Flow for A Joyful Heart by David O Yoga

This 22-minute practice starts with a calming breath meditation using Tejas mudra to “awaken the radiant energy and essential joy in your heart.” The sequence intention is to melt away tightness in the hips, hamstrings, and back. There is a very challenging transition between Cresent Lunge, Eagle, Warrior 3, and Revolved Half Moon. During Shavasana, David plays harmonium and sings the Siri Gayatri Mantra.

Yoga to Shift Perspective by Yoga with Adriene

This yoga video begins standing and quickly moves into a sequence of warrior lunge poses that vinyasa through Plank, Cobra, Side Plank, and Downward Dog. The intention of the class is to “help you connect to a strong base, promote healthy blood flow, and increase strength and flexibility in both mind and body.” This 20 Minute warming, energizing, and heart-opening class is great to practice anytime you feel the need to shift your perspective and see things differently in your life.

Yoga for Stress & Anxiety Relief by MadFit

Use this 15-minute yoga routine to de-stress and promote a sense of calm and wellness. The sequence begins seated and only includes a few simple standing movements at the end of the practice. The poses are all basic and accessible for all levels of practice. Check out this video if you want to take a quick break from your busy and hectic lifestyle.

Pick Me Up Dynamic & Energizing Yoga Class by Jessica Richburg

This 30-minute yoga class is “designed to boost your mood and increase energy” using “grounding stretches as well as fun, dynamic balancing poses.” The class starts with some gentle seated warmup movements and slowly builds in complexity and intensity. While some of the poses and transitions are challenging, the instruction is clear, slow, and detailed to make it easy to build up the strength and confidence to complete this video.

Restorative Yoga Flow Full Body Stretch by Yoga With Bird

This 15 Minute calming class begins and ends in Child’s pose. This yoga flow is simple and slow, making it accessible to beginners and anyone who wants to promote flexibility, relaxation, and tension release.

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