The Best Free Yoga Videos for June 2018

The Best Free Yoga Videos for June 2018

Our list of this month’s best free yoga videos is just the encouragement you need to slow down and give your whole body–from your head to your toes–a good stretch. Each of the six videos we’ve chosen focuses on opening up a different part of your anatomy, so grab your mat, choose the body part that needs TLC, and get ready to relax and rejuvenate your body and mind.

Yoga to Combat Sitting: Open Your Chest, Stretch Your Shoulders, and Improve Your Posture

Ever notice how much you hunch when you’re at your desk or on your computer or phone? In this 47-minute yoga practice, Allie helps us battle the woes of sitting and the discomfort of bad postures with her expert guidance through this gentle sequence. You will need a strap, belt or a scarf for this practice.

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Yin Yoga for Total Spinal Reset

Brett Larkin leads you through a beautiful Yin yoga routine for the spine in this hour-long video. You will need two blocks, a strap, blanket, and two bolsters to fully indulge and melt into this practice. After completing four yin yoga poses that take the back into flexion, extension, and lateral stretches, your spine is sure to feel completely reset and rested.

Essential Yoga for Flexibility: Legs & Hips

Do you suffer from tight hips and strained legs? Lindsey’s 30-minute beginner stretch video is perfect for anyone who wants to release stress and tension they are carrying in the legs and hips. This sequence was designed to help reduce muscle pain and gain flexibility in this part of your body and would be a perfect treat for someone who sits a lot throughout the day.

Yoga for Knee Strength

Having strong and healthy knee joints is essential for good mobility as well as to prevent injury. In this video Kassandra shares a simple, yet powerful sequence to help with lower body strength, drawing from her personal experience with a knee injury. You will need a block during to support you as you focus on glutes, quads, and hamstrings throughout the sequence.

Happy Hamstring Yoga Flow

Those of us who have struggled with tight hamstrings know that without addressing the root of the issue, the tightness can cause issues elsewhere in the lower body. Andrew Sealy shares his knowledge and techniques to help you find length and openness in tight and tense legs. This lovely 47-minute yoga flow will help generate freedom and ease in your lower body.

Yoga For The Feet

After everywhere our feet carry us, we still seem to forget that they need some TLC just like the rest of the body! Grab your mat and a blanket and start your day on the right foot with this yummy 30-minute yoga practice. Adriene will guide you through a sequence of simple yet powerful standing and seated yoga poses to bend and lengthen your feet and toes.

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