The Best Free Yoga Videos for March 2020

Best Free Yoga Videos

We all know that holding tension and stress in parts of our bodies can lead to discomfort, disease, and pain. The worry, fear, and uncertainty of the recent COVID-19 pandemic has added additional and stress to many lives. Yoga is not only a great practice to relieve mental and physical stress, but it can also help you uncover the sources of these stressors. Regardless of where your stress is coming from, many of the free yoga videos we have selected this month were specifically created to help ease tension and tightness from your head all the way down to your toes! We hope these seven awesome free yoga videos support and inspire a soothing and calming practice in the month ahead.

Blissful Yoga Flow For Unsettling Times Boho Beautiful

This 15-minute intermediate yoga flow is filmed on a beautiful beach in Costa Rica and was created to find balance, peace, and strength during challenging and turbulent times.” The video begins with a modified sun salutation that includes a Side Plank with eagle legs, Humble Warrior and then stepping forward into Eagle pose. The practice ends with a guided meditation and a few Seated Poses.

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Yoga To Relieve Stress & Anxiety in Coronavirus Crises by Gayatri Yoga

This sweet and stress-busting 90-minute vinyasa flow class begins with seated breathing exercises and some gentle warm-ups. The slow-paced sequence incorporates several twists like Twisting Chair and Revolved Triangle to squeeze out the tension, stress, and anxiety of these challenging times.

Full Body Yoga for Stress & Anxiety Relief by MadFit

This calming and slow-paced 20-minute yoga class is designed to relieve stress relief and anxiety. It begins with some neck and shoulder stretches and moves through several basic yoga poses like Child, Down Dog, Pigeon, and Seated Forward Fold. The sequence ends with a few Standing Poses.

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Inner Fire Yoga Flow by Yoginimelbourne

Ignite your inner fire with this 24-minute core strength building flow. This yoga class begins standing, moving through a sequence that includes Down Dog, Low Plank, and knee crunches. The second half of the class focuses on core work on the back, and the video ends with a Shavasana and seated meditation.

Morning Yoga to Energize & Enliven Your Day by Allie – The Journey Junkie

This 20-minute class begins on your back and then moves through a slow gentle sequence of seated poses. This beginner-friendly class focuses on twists and side bending poses. One or two yoga blankets are recommended for this video, but it is not essential to participate. The class ends with a sweet guided meditation to finish your day with positive vibes.

Vinyasa Flow Class by Oysho

This 26-minute vinyasa flow begins with some sun salutations and then adds some warrior poes and playful and interesting movements surfers lunge, Warrior 3, and Twisting Chair Pose. The practice ends with some core work in Boat Pose and Shavasana.

Yoga Flow for Strength and Balance by Yoga With Bird

This quick and fast-paced 5-minute yoga flow is designed to build strength, energy, and balance. The video starts in Child’s Pose and then warms up with some cat and cow movements. The work begins halfway through with a series of knee crunches and lunging poses.

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