The Best Free Yoga Videos for May 2018

The Best Free Yoga Videos for May 2018

We have organized this month’s collection of yoga videos into three main categories: strength, flexibility, and travel recovery. Our list begins with four videos focusing on yoga for strength, followed by two videos on yoga for flexibility, and ending with two videos that are perfect for recovering from a long day of summertime travel. Whether you have energy to burn or need a way to wind down, there’s something for you in this month’s yoga video picks.

Spring Reset: Yoga for Strength with Koya Webb

This lovely 30-minute sequence represents day 25 of Alo Yoga’s mindful movement series. The practice focuses on building whole-body strength and is cheerfully led by yoga instructor Koya Webb. After beginning pranayama, Webb offers multi-level options throughout the video to help you adjust the movements to your level of strength and ability. This practice is a great way to work up a sweat while staying focused on your body and breath.

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20-Minute Power Yoga Flow

Get ready to break a sweat during this creative Power Yoga sequence full of strengthening and challenging poses! Instructor Marissa Walch offers clear and focused instruction throughout this quickly paced short practice.

Crazy Core Strength

This quick 9-minute yoga practice focuses exclusively on building core strength. After a brief intro, Tara Stiles leads a short meditation followed by a series of simple yet powerful movements guided by her lovely, calm and clear voice.

Pyramid Core Strength

MacKenzie from Ekhart Yoga leads a quick and powerful core strength practice focusing on boat pose, jumping movements, and locust pose. This 11-minute practice is an excellent way to get your heart pumping and awaken your core muscles.

Lazy Yoga Routine with Gentle & Easy Yoga Stretches

Sometimes it feels impossible to find the motivation to get to your mat for a yoga practice. In this video, Sarah Beth offers a no-excuses 10-minute yoga practice that’s perfect for when you’re feeling lazy, have low energy or just want to spend a few minutes focusing on stretching tired muscles.

Yin Yoga Intermediate Class for Hips & Shoulders

Dr. Melissa West’s relaxing voice guides you through this Yin Yoga class for hips and shoulders. To get the most out of this practice, you will need a bolster, strap, and blanket. As Melissa explains, our shoulders are connected to our hips and hamstrings through myofascial lines, so get ready to hold these poses for extended periods to deeply relax the muscles.

Morning Yoga for Busy Travellers

Summer is almost here and that means a lot of us will be on the road and away from our regular yoga practice. Sona Vertue’s upbeat and happy personality makes this 30-minute flow for travelers fun and easy. This dynamic yoga practice will leave you feeling calm, alert and refreshed after a long day of travel.

Yoga For Travel

This 23-minute yoga practice is perfect after a long day of travel or a tiresome day at work. This flow is creative and fun, and as always, Adriene clearly and cheerfully offers tidbits of information throughout the practice.

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