The Best Free Yoga Videos for May 2019

Best Free Yoga Videos

After undergoing plenty of April showers, those of us in the Northern Hemisphere are feeling more than ready for all the flowers May will bring. May is a colorful time, full of new blooms and excitement as we shift into the summer season. While summer spells relaxation for some, it can mean longer work days and end-of-the-academic-year stresses for others. With that in mind, our yoga video picks for this month begin with sequences that promote relief and release and wrap up with a few energy-boosting practices.

Bedtime Yoga Stretch for Legs & Hips by Sarah Beth Yoga

This soothing sequence is perfect for those that spend a lot of time on their feet and can be done entirely in bed! It would be perfect at the end of a long day to relieve tension in your hips, glutes, hamstrings, and lower back. All you need for this 15-minute practice is a strap or a long piece of clothing.

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Yoga for Anxiety with Savannah

The end of the school year can be hectic as we finish up coursework, take finals, or welcome the kids home for summer. Try this 25-minute beginner-friendly practice to stay calm and grounded in this turbulent time. Led by instructor Savannah, this sequence offers a variety of simple asanas you can do anywhere when you need a moment of stress relief.

Yin Yoga for Sensitive People by Melissa West

If you find yourself easily overwhelmed and anxious, this in-depth yin yoga class led by teacher Melissa West is perfect for you. This particular sequence focuses on the spleen meridian—the line of connection between the stomach and heart—and the psychology behind the connection. You’ll need a bolster, blanket, and block for this hour-long video.

Balance Full Body Flow with David O.

This 15-minute sequence focuses on strengthening the hips, calves, and core through balancing postures. While the video may be short, this practice still packs in plenty of challenging balancing poses. Teacher David O. gently guides you through them, making it easy for yogis of all levels to follow along.

Rose Yoga Flow by Yoga with Adriene

The 38-minute heart-opening sequence allows your breath to blossom! This practice by crowd favorite Adriene Mishler opens your hips and heart while building strength with vinyasas. There are plenty of meditative moments built into the practice to allow you to reflect on your intentions—perfect when you need a break to check in on yourself.

Total Body Workout Flow by Tim Senesi

Beginning with a seated meditation and breathing practice, this 25-minute yoga practice focuses on building strength and stamina in the body. While plenty of videos offer strength-building moves and opportunities to sweat, this yoga workout by Tim Senesi specifically focuses on strengthing the core—the energetic center of the body that supports you on or off the mat.

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