The Best Free Yoga Videos for November 2018

Best Free Yoga Videos

Family gatherings, holiday parties, and gift shopping can all easily combine to make the joyful holiday season feel more tense and stressful than festive and relaxing. We’ve put together this month’s roundup of free yoga videos to help you breathe through all of the festivities to come. Practice with these six free YouTube videos any time you need a moment to boost your mood, detox your body, and calm your mind.

Morning Yoga Perk Up for Posture by Sarah Beth Yoga

Who doesn’t need a good morning stretch to boost their mood and improve posture? Sarah Beth created this quick 10-minute routine to help relieve strain in the neck, shoulders, and chest. Grab a yoga block and mat and get ready to kickstart your day!

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Yoga For Creating Space by Yoga With Adriene

Adriene guides you through this 28-minute tension-relieving practice, inviting you to slow down and use your breath to bring harmony to the body and mind. With the holidays looming ever closer, this is the perfect routine to add into your schedule for some ‘you time’.

Power Vinyasa Yoga Flow by Cat Meffan

As the days get cold and frigid, yoga practices that build heat can feel like a welcome treat. Cat Meffan created this intermediate flow to help stretch and strengthen the whole body. Get ready to use your breath and strength to power through this 45-minute vinyasa class!

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Detox Flow Yoga Class by Five Parks Yoga

Erin Sampson created this flow to help us detox from all of the extra delicious holiday food we tend to indulge in at this time of year. This fun, twisty 45-minute class is the ultimate way to cleanse your body and mind after a day (or week) full of treats.

My Secret to Reducing Stress and Anxiety by Sanne Vloet

Life can be stressful, and some days it gets to us more than others. In this video, Sanne Vloet invites her friend Julia to lead us through a 15-minute class that helps reduce anxiety and create balance.  This short sequence is perfect for beginners or anyone who needs to wind down after a long day. You will need a yoga block to fully participate in this class.

Yin Yoga Without Props by Yoga with Kassandra

Many of us travel to see family and friends for the holidays and don’t have our usual yoga gear at our disposal. This 40-minute Yin practice by Kassandra doesn’t require any props, so you can enjoy the benefits of Yin anywhere you go. This class would also serve as a nice introduction to Yin for those who don’t yet have props in their collection.

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