The Best Free Yoga Videos for October 2018

Best Free Yoga Videos October 2018

October’s roundup of free yoga videos includes six unique practices to match just about any kind of energy. Whether you need help addressing something that’s bothering you mentally or physically, are looking for an energy boost to help you start your day, or need a calming tonic to wind down before bed, there’s something here for you!

30 Minute Yoga For Mental Health Flow

Australian yoga teacher Sjana Elise Earp offers this lovely 30-minute flow in honor of International Mental Health Month. The class starts off with some easy movements to warm up the body, then begins to create more heat with several lunging poses. The practice finishes with some yummy twisting poses and a few encouraging words from Sjana to help you take your newfound energy off your mat and into your day!

Upper Back & Shoulder Tension Relief Yoga Flow

Brett Larkin guides us through this gentle and slow 55-minute yoga routine to help relieve shoulder and upper back pain and tension. The entire sequence is composed of floor postures, making this class very calming and grounding. This video would be a perfect antidote to a long day of driving or sitting at a desk.

Yoga for Complete Beginners

If you are new to yoga or just in need of a slow and simple practice today, check out this beginner flow video by Cole Chance. In this 30-minute class, you’ll be guided through a sequence of standing and floor poses with clear and detailed instruction. This straightforward class would serve as a good foundation for any beginning yoga practice.

Mandala Morning Yoga Flow

Christine Goldstein created this invigorating 38-minute yoga flow to help you get your body and mind geared up for whatever your day may hold. The pace of this class is moderate and should get your breath flowing deeply and your heart pumping strongly, but the instructions are clear so you won’t get lost.

Midday Yoga Flow to Refresh Mind and Body

If you’re in need of a pick-me-up during a midday slump, check out this energizing 22-minute yoga sequence with Tabor Bonde. The first half of the video contains dynamic sun salutation-based vinyasa sequences, then transitions into several longer held full-body stretches.

Relaxing Evening Yoga Flow For Bedtime

If you are someone who has a hard time falling or staying asleep, check out this relaxing 30-minute yoga flow. I’d recommend doing this practice right before you crawl into bed for maximum results. You will want to have a yoga strap and maybe two blocks handy to follow along with this video.

Watch More Free Yoga Videos!

At Yoga Basics, we’re constantly reviewing new yoga videos and delivering our top picks to you on the blog every single month! Browse our Free Yoga Videos archives to find the perfect practice for your mood, energy level, and schedule.

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