The Best New Music for Yoga: April 2019 Edition

Best New Music for Yoga

In April, the first waves of summer warmth emerge and we start to feel the new season’s outward and expansive energy. To balance this warm external energy, many of the albums on this month’s list of the best new yoga music feature ambient compositions to encourage introspection and cooling piano notes to calm the mind. We hope our music selections this month will help you remain balanced as you ride the wave of springtime’s growth!

Static Deviations by Jameson Nathan Jones

yoga music albumThis acoustic/electronic hybrid album infuses the sounds of vocals, piano, and cello into a complex and pleasantly surprising electronica soundscape. These nine tracks have a strong cinematic feeling which would be best suited for transitioning between high- and low-energy sections of your yoga playlist.

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Blue by Samuel Orson

yoga music albumThis album consists of nine “neoclassical, minimalist compositions written and recorded in a Seattle home scheduled for imminent demolition.” These beautiful piano tracks evoke bittersweet and spacious feelings and would work great for a gentle yoga practice.

Glass Island by Richard Luke

yoga music albumThese “lushly arranged” instrumental tracks combine piano and violin with bass, field recordings, synths, and electronica beats. This cornucopia of layered sounds creates an immersive soundtrack suitable for the slower and more introspective parts of a yoga practice.

Halo by Exist Strategy and Cyric

yoga music albumThis 3-track EP combines soothing downtempo electronic sounds with angelic vocals. Play these ethereal and haunting compositions at the end of your yoga practice to invoke both introspection and a hint of mystery.

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Third Eye Sleep Kalimba Meditation by Calm Whale

yoga music albumThis hour-long recording is intended to help the listener activate the third eye and promote deep sleep. A background of long, sustained drones is accented by the sounds of shakers, chimes, African kalimba, cajón, and rainstick. This track is perfect for playing during shavasana, meditation, or yoga nidra.

Ram Dass : Chapter II (2019) by East Forest

yoga music albumThis is the second in a series of four collaborative EPs between beloved spiritual teacher Ram Dass and electro-acoustic ambient musician East Forest. On these four compositions, Dass’s words are complemented by an intriguing mix of piano, synths, saxophone, strings, vibraphone, and percussion.

ÁGUA by Mariana Root & Nacho Rodriguez

yoga music albumThis “sound tribute to the spirit of the water” combines traditional chanting from many different world traditions layered with overtone and harmonic singing. A backdrop of percussion, guitar, flute, cello, kalimba, field recordings adds to the depth, power, mystery, and beauty of these ten songs.

Samatva by Jay Andrews

yoga music albumThis album was specifically written and arranged for “subtler practices such as restorative yoga, yoga nidra, savasana, and meditation.” Each of these ambient tracks has a different tempo and key with the overall intention of producing a state of equanimity in the body and mind.

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Best Music for Yoga

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