The Best New Music for Yoga: July 2019 Edition

Best New Music for Yoga

Mid-summer is a time of ripening—the gifts, skills, and talents that we have been cultivating this year begin to climax and offer up their fruits. The peak of summertime is also rich with feelings of magic, delight, celebration, and wonder. We hope this month’s collection of music encourages you to soften into the warm summer days and find light-heartedness and playfulness both on and off your yoga mat.

Violet (Original Soundtrack) by Jameson Nathan Jones

yoga musicComposed as the original soundtrack for a short film, these eight ambient synth and piano soundscapes are haunting and introspective. Playing one or more of these tracks at the end of a yoga class would be excellent to help to slow down, ground, and draw energy inwards.

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Pure Bliss – 7 Chakras Balancing Meditation by Calm Whale

yoga musicThis hour-long composition was created to align all of the seven chakras to experience a state of oneness. A slow, hypnotic two-part melody is created with a handpan steel drum that is set atop a soothing atmosphere of rainstick and drone sounds.

Devenir Maleza by Prisma & Martin Boder

yoga musicFill your flow with some of the spicy and exotic sounds found in this four-song EP. A Latin American vibe emanates from these organic-sounding electronica tracks accompanied by sweet and sultry vocals.

Summer Sol IV by Sol Selectas

yoga musicThis collection of 25 exotic tracks by various artists will undoubtedly add some fire and funk to your vinyasa flows. These songs were created for the dance floor, so play them when you need the inspiration to move through a challenging flow of poses–or to just get your boogie on.

De mar y río remixes vol. 1 by Canalón de Timbiquí

music for yogaThis four-track remix EP lays down a hypnotic and upbeat blend of trance-inducing beats, exotic electronica sounds, and powerful soaring vocals. The interesting and complex arrangements on these songs make them great to use during the transitions in your yoga practice.

Kirtan by Sacha Heath

music for yogaThese slow and super sweet kirtan songs would be an excellent way to start or end a yoga practice. Captivating vocals and beautiful harmonies flow on top a tapestry of traditional Indian instruments of harmonium, tabla, tamboura, and kartels in all five of these tracks.

Between Worlds by Innesti

music for yogaThese eleven entrancing and deeply restful soundscapes were created with field recordings combined with organic-sounding electronic melodies, washes, and drones. Play these slow and peaceful ambient tracks during meditation or Shavasana for an absorbing and immersive experience.

Light in Summer Air by Ethereal Ephemera

music for yogaThis 50-minute album contains two long compositions of soothing, shimmering, and airy ambient music. In this live improvised recording, beautiful harmonic overtones ebb and flow across a backdrop of drones and synth pads.

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Best Music for Yoga

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