The Best New Music for Yoga: March 2019 Edition

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This month marks a transitional period between two seasons which calls for balancing the stillness, silence, and contemplation of wintertime with the growth, expansion, and outward energy of spring. To celebrate this seasonal shift, most of the albums on this month’s best yoga music list are cheerful and upbeat—perfect for amplifying the warmth and brightness we’re finally starting to see more of. We hope this month’s collection of music encourages you to move towards lightheartedness, expansion, and growth!

Goddess Essence Meditation by Ma Ananda Sarita & Praful Mystik

The Best New Music for Yoga: March 2019 EditionThe intention of this one-hour soundtrack is to support women’s empowerment by “opening the three positive polarities of woman’s chakra system.” These ten tracks are all beautifully composed with an impressive array of instruments including bansuri and flutes, saxes, vocals, synthesizer, harp, cello, hang drum, electric piano, bass, ukulele, guitar, gongs, bells, chimes, oud, and darbuka. Many of these tracks have tempos that I’d consider too fast for meditation but would be great for an energizing yoga flow.

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Notes by Louie Zong

The Best New Music for Yoga: March 2019 EditionThese ten tracks featuring guitar, piano, and simple percussion were recorded in an Airbnb in San Francisco. This album evokes joyfulness and lightheartedness and would be excellent to play during a slow flow yoga practice.

Impossible Parade by Lief Sjostrom

The Best New Music for Yoga: March 2019 EditionThis short album of guitar and cello compositions calls forth a sense of introspection, mystery, and contemplation. Moody and cinematic, the four tracks on this EP would work best when played while transitioning to the end of a yoga practice.

Music for Museum Gift Shops by Lullatone

The Best New Music for Yoga: March 2019 EditionThis album contains piano re-recordings of 52 original songs by husband and wife duo Lullatone. The diversity of this album makes it a great resource for when you want some soothing, yet joyful piano music to accompany the gentler parts of your yoga practice.

Bliz Nochi – Gokarn Soul by Tropical Twista Records

The Best New Music for Yoga: March 2019 EditionCreated with field recordings taken during a trip to a small temple town on the western coast of India, these five tracks combine world music sounds and beats with funky electronica grooves. Add a little upbeat fun to your yoga practice soundtrack by including one or more of these danceable tunes!

By the Light of the Dark Moon by Ayla Nereo

The Best New Music for Yoga: March 2019 EditionInfuse your yoga practice with powerful words of inspiration, hope, awareness, and wonder by including any of these eleven beautiful songs on your playlist. The album, which the artist describes as “a journey of finding light through darkness,” combines beautiful and soaring vocals with simple percussion, piano melodies, and orchestral swells.

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Solar Plexus Meditation by Calm Whale

The Best New Music for Yoga: March 2019 EditionThis hour-long recording is intended to balance and heal the Solar Plexus Chakra by removing mental blockages and “healing your subconscious with harmony and peace.” Throughout the track, you’ll hear a soothing and calming steel tongue drum melody accented by bursts of rattle and shamanic drumming. This album is perfect for playing during shavasana, yoga nidra, or meditation.

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