The Best New Music for Yoga: May 2019 Edition

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Spring is now moving into its fullest expression, delighting us with its diversity and abundance of flourishing flowers and fauna. In contrast with hot days, we experience the relief of cool nights—expansive and wondrous with the sounds of frogs and sights of fireflies. The wide variety of music we’ve selected for this month’s list of the best new yoga albums expresses this duality perfectly. We hope our selections encourage you to embrace diversity and abundance in your practice so that you may continue to flourish and grow as a yogi.

The Lightworker Meditation by Calm Whale

With only a metal hang drum, shaman’s drum, and rainstick, this hour-long album creates an immersive soundscape perfect for gentle yoga, meditation, or shavasana. The album was composed specifically to balance all seven chakra energy centers and help listeners “bring love and light into this world by healing and sharing [their] inner light with the world.”

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Self Healing Temple Bells by Self Healing

Play this hour-long album when you want to sink quickly into a deep meditative state. Its soft and simple melody played on Malaysian temple bells supports deep rest and relaxation during shavasana or yoga nidra.

Zander by Blue Dot Sessions

yoga musicBright and light-hearted melodies played on the zither and dulcimer dominate this instrumental album, mingling beautifully with bass, guitar, and light percussion. The mellow tempos of these jazz-inspired tracks make them great to play during the gentler parts of a yoga practice.

Lost Channel by anthéne

ambient yoga musicThis ambient album creates a soothing atmosphere of contemplation, stillness, longing, and slight melancholy. Swelling sounds create “harmonic statements that slowly grow from beds of soft drones leaving faded trails as they sway in the atmosphere,” making any of these nine tracks perfect for meditation, shavasana, or yoga nidra.

Felix Tapes – Ignorance is Bliss by Tropical Twista Records

upbeat yoga musicThis upbeat five-track EP was inspired by a discussion “about the beauty of nature and the importance of human beings being aware of protecting it.” Throughout the album, electronic beats and sounds are intertwined with exotic samples to create a hypnotic soundscape ideal for vinyasa flow.

In The Mysterious Distance by Ethereal Ephemera

ambient yoga albumLayered loops of soft and soothing harmonic drones weave in and out in this improvised 43-minute recording. This “peaceful and drifting ambient music” would make a great backdrop for meditation, shavasana, healing work, or general relaxation.

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Best Music for Yoga

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