The Best New Music for Yoga: October 2018 Edition

Best Music for Yoga

October is a time of transformation and release. With that in mind, much of the yoga music we have collected for you this month has a mellow, ambient sound to help you achieve the introspection you need to identify and let go of the things that no longer serve you. We hope this month’s new yoga music will give you the ability to exhale deeply and release all that limits you from embracing a state of true calm and equanimity.

Singles by Exist Strategy

The Best New Music for Yoga: October 2018 EditionThis album is a collection of songs composed over the last six years. A few of these tracks have an experimental sound that might be ill-suited for yoga practice, but the majority combine ambient and downtempo electronica sounds in a very interesting and beautiful way. Add these to a gentle or slow flow yoga playlist to create a dynamic sense of introspection and wonder.

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A S T R O S P H E R E by Astropilot Music

The Best New Music for Yoga: October 2018 EditionThese eleven ambient tracks are strongly suggestive of outer space, with copious amounts of reverb, flanger, and delay effects. Luscious layers of soaring drones and electronica notes ebb and flow throughout the album. For an uninterrupted hour-long sonic journey, don’t miss the final track—a mixed version of all the tracks on the album.

Evasion by CloZee

The Best New Music for Yoga: October 2018 EditionTo add some energy to your vinyasa flow, add one or more of these ten electronic downtempo world tracks to your yoga playlist. A dazzling and vibrant blend of Eastern sounds merge with soaring synths, beautiful vocals, deep bass, and funky beats.

Strange Parentheses by Pepo Galán

The Best New Music for Yoga: October 2018 EditionThis ambient album contains a wonderfully diverse selection of soothing and immersive sounds. Piano, strings, trombone, vocals, synth, and field recordings combine in beautiful layered soundscapes with moods that alternate between shimmering hopefulness and brooding introspection.

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Enfolding by offthesky

The Best New Music for Yoga: October 2018 EditionOriginally composed for a live performance, these seven ambient tracks invoke deep contemplation, making them perfectly suited for shavasana and meditation. Guitar, piano, bells, vibraphone, vocals, harp, synth, violin, and field recordings are masterfully woven together to create slow pulses of rich, soothing sound.

Klangmeer by Omatar

The Best New Music for Yoga: October 2018 EditionComposed especially for yoga and meditation, these five soft and calming compositions contain a mix of synth drones, electronica melodies, plucked strings, and Tibetan singing bowls. Ranging from 9-20 minutes long, these pleasantly lengthy tracks would be especially sweet when played during a restorative yoga practice.

Short Commute 2 by Jörgen Kjellgren

The Best New Music for Yoga: October 2018 EditionThis album is the second installment in this Swedish musician’s Short Commute series—all five tracks were composed during his subway work commute. Influenced by the onset of autumn, these bright and playful electronica songs would be lovely to listen to during a gentle yoga practice.

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Best Music for Yoga

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