The Best New Music for Yoga: September 2018 Edition

Music for Yoga

September serves as the transition between summer and autumn, helping us shift naturally from an expansive, radiant energy to a more internal expression of gratitude and appreciation. It’s the time of the equinox, when yin and yang energies are balanced and the veil between worlds is at its thinnest and most transparent.

This yin/yang balance is apparent in our selection of yoga music this month—here you’ll find several high energy electronica albums alongside more rich and relaxing ambient compositions. We hope this month’s collection of music provides you with a deep state of balance and gives you the ability to pierce through the veil of the mundane to experience higher states of consciousness.

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Union (V . A . ) by Shika Shika

The Best New Music for Yoga: September 2018 EditionThe fourth Shika Shika compilation album unites a diverse selection of South American and global musicians who combine electronica with world music sounds. Among these thirteen tracks are a fun and funky mix of styles and tempos that would work great for an upbeat vinyasa practice.

Earth Chakra Meditation by Calm Whale

The Best New Music for Yoga: September 2018 EditionUsing only electronic drones, a Shaman drum, and a rattle, this hour-long composition is simple, yet soothing and deeply immersive. This recording was created to activate the first chakra, or root chakra, to “improve physical and emotional balance to be able to rise to a higher consciousness.”

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Third Eye by Future Zen

The Best New Music for Yoga: September 2018 EditionThese soft and slow electronica ambient compositions will invoke deep relaxation and higher states of consciousness—perfect during shavasana or meditation. The last of the thirteen tracks is a full hour long, bringing the play time of this album to over two hours!

Aqua Perception by Aksemetrix

The Best New Music for Yoga: September 2018 EditionThe debut album from this Russian multi-instrumentalist combines nature sounds with space-age sounding electronica and soaring drones. This lovely ambient soundscape would work well during meditation, shavasana, or other healing work.

Saibhang by Dass Ananda + legs

The Best New Music for Yoga: September 2018 EditionSet to a downtempo electronica soundtrack, these nine mantra chants from the Kundalini yoga tradition will take you on a wild ride. This fun album would be perfect to accompany an invigorating Kundalini yoga class or to add some extra spice to a rockin’ vinyasa flow.

Clear Light by Kathmandu Music Center

The Best New Music for Yoga: September 2018 EditionThese eight compositions simply and beautifully layer singing bowls with Tibetan mantra chants. The first seven tracks are intended to activate each of the seven chakra energy centers by using singing bowls of specific frequencies, so they would be the perfect accompaniment for energy work. This album would also work well for meditation or shavasana.

Sundance EP by Deela

The Best New Music for Yoga: September 2018 EditionThis fascinating “Andean-electronic” album combines bamboo flutes, acoustic guitar, vocal chants, South American percussion, and dance floor beats. Add one or more of these mesmerizing seven tracks to your yoga playlist when you’re craving a burst of fun and energy in your asana flow.

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