The Best New Music for Yoga: April 2018 Edition

Best New Music for Yoga: April 2018

Soft and spacious compositions predominate in this month’s collection of music for yoga, providing a perfect soundtrack to help us gently transition into spring’s energy of rebirth, new beginnings, and rejuvenation. We hope these beautiful ambient soundscapes will help you remain grounded, calm and balanced during the expansive and vibrant energy of springtime.

Earth Tones by Praful & Spirited Tribe

The Best New Music for Yoga: April 2018 EditionThe final release of this collaborative trilogy does not disappoint with its beautiful and soothing world music compositions. These four acoustic tracks are perfect for yoga practice as they begin with a soft and spacious sound and slowly build to a soaring, enchanting mix of piano, flute, guitar, Eastern percussion, and voice.

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The Forces by Electric Sound Bath

The Best New Music for Yoga: April 2018 EditionAn interesting combination of field recordings, bass guitar, singing bowls and organic and electronic undulating drones creates this new ambient album from LA-based duo The Forces. These six tracks are indeed “perfect for your next inward journey” and would be great to play during Shavasana, meditation or healing work.

Grograman and the Secret Sound of Colors by Future Zen

The Best New Music for Yoga: April 2018 EditionThis electronic ambient album was composed as a musical interpretation of the story of Grograman, a lonely lion-like chameleon creature in the book The Neverending Story. These gentle and soft songs pull your focus inwards and invoke the openness, expanse, and mystery of the desert.


The Best New Music for Yoga: April 2018 EditionThe debut EP from this Netherlands-based electronica composer features six tracks and six remixes. Slow swells, playful beats, and shimmering synths combine to produce a delightful and immersive sonic soundscape. The wide range of tempos makes this an excellent soundtrack for your yoga practice.


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Music For Yoga Vol. 14 by Numbfoot

The Best New Music for Yoga: April 2018 EditionThis slowly evolving and progressing set of improvised compositions was created for a community yoga class in Hanoi, Vietnam. Layers and loops of electric guitar, drones, and other electronica interweave and effortlessly guide the listener’s focus inwards. This one-hour soundscape would be a great complement to a home yoga session.

Before Sunrise by Jeff Greinke

The Best New Music for Yoga: April 2018 EditionThese introspective, intimate and soothing ambient soundscapes were created with an unusual blend of orchestral instruments (piano, cello, viola, winds, brass, and vibraphone) and electronic textures and sounds. Any of these eight tracks would provide a delightful background for Shavasana, meditation or healing arts.


The Best New Music for Yoga: April 2018 EditionA sea of soft and slow pads and drones ebb and flow throughout this five-track ambient album. These chill compositions would be perfect for playing during Shavasana or meditation.


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