The Best New Music for Yoga: February 2018 Edition

February is often an introspective yet emotional month that contains a few hints of optimism for the end of winter. Luckily these new yoga recordings can help move you out of your funk and into a sweet yoga flow. We hope you enjoy the variety of genres and sounds in this month’s list of best music for yoga!

vision by oliviaway

The sounds, sights, and sensory experiences of nature inspire and inform the ambient compositions on this 30-minute EP. Soothing and lush ambient electronic drones hover below slow waves of synth pad melodies. These three long tracks are fantastic for playing during shavasana and meditation.

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Awa uta – あわ歌 by Crystal Nada

Play this new album of classical Indian ragas and Japanese mantras to create deep states of calm, introspection, and bliss. Mesmerizing layers of vocals, melody, drone, and percussion create an ethereal soundscape of ancient (Bansuri, Hammered Dulcimer, Indian zither) and modern sounds.

Shades of Blue by Gildaswise

This debut album of solo piano compositions contains songs titled after the sky, rain, and clouds. Play these soft, gentle, soothing songs during the cool down section of an asana practice.

Stringscapes, Vol. One by Alan Gogoll

This award-winning Australian acoustic guitarist’s newest release is full of uplifting and fun compositions. These eleven tracks masterfully combine sweet melodies, intricate rhythms, and a unique harmonic tuning to create upbeat and mesmerizing soundscapes that work well for a gentle or slow flow yoga class.

Botanas: Nicola Cruz & Pancho Piedra by Nicola Cruz & Pancho Piedra

Inspired by the famous Ecuadorian song “La Bocina,” this electro-ethnic EP will take you on a magical sonic journey across the Americas. Spice up a yoga playlist and inspire a fun and funky flow with these four tracks (one original song with three remixes).

Back To The Sources by Leohnart

French-Canadian Aeronautical engineer and beatmaker uses an array of interesting rhythms and sounds in this energizing and uplifting first solo album. Use these downtempo electronic tracks when you need a boost or shift in your vinyasa practice.

Trough by Delfe

The sixth recording from this 18-year-old from the UK is an EP of downtempo electronic and ambient music. These three compositions vary wildly in tempo and tone but are all interesting to practice yoga with.

Hope and Declinism by Michael J. McDonald

Play this new ambient-orchestral and downtempo jazz album for the quiet and introspective moments in your yoga practice. These five tracks have a cinematic soundtrack feel and would work well in a slow flow or gentle yoga playlist.


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