The Best New Music for Yoga: January 2018 Edition

The Best New Music for Yoga: January 2018

January calls in the intention for change and the desire for personal growth, yet the cold and darkness of wintertime implores us to remain contracted and inwardly focused. This conflict can create a challenging duality in our yoga practice as we fluctuate between expansion and retraction, and stillness and movement. Fortunately, we’ve found a lovely mix of yoga music to guide and nurture your introspection and intention while empowering you to step into the new year with power and motivation. As you dance and flow through these dualistic energies, it is essential to be true to yourself and honor and respect what your body, mind, and heart need in every moment.

Bhakti Geet – Volume Two by Yeshu Satsang Toronto

The Best New Music for Yoga: January 2018 EditionThis is a lovely, sweet, and heartfelt recording from a monthly kirtan gathering in Toronto. Beautiful call and response vocals ease-fully intertwine with guitar, harmonium, kartals, and tablas. Play these eight chill tracks at the beginning and end of a yoga practice.

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Rama Mantra by Jan Shé

The Best New Music for Yoga: January 2018 EditionThe original Rama track was featured on the Insight Timer meditation app and was so popular that it has been re-released with four new mixes using a different nature sound on each track. The original Rama song is a lovely layered acapella repetitious melody of Gandhi’s personal mantra “rama.” Each track is twenty minutes long so that you can immerse yourself in 100 minutes of this mantra.

Oak and Cherry by Oak and Cherry

The Best New Music for Yoga: January 2018 EditionImmerse yourself in this lovely album of resonating and spacious layers of fingerpicking acoustic guitar. These ten calming and meditative instrumental guitar compositions are great to listen to during the slower parts of a yoga practice.

Tayeh by Toulouse

The Best New Music for Yoga: January 2018 EditionTake an ethno-electronic sonic journey through the Middle East with this delightful new EP from Berlin-based DJ and producer. Use these four upbeat tracks to drop into a focused and fiery vinyasa flow.

SidiRum & Jin Yerei – Mono EP + Remixes by Tropical Twista Records

The Best New Music for Yoga: January 2018 EditionThis remix EP blends “a psychedelic and mysterious strain of South American beats” with harmonized voices and jungle-sounding flute and keyboard melodies. While definitely danceable, use these tracks to spice up a power yoga playlist.

Ayahuasca Remixed by Poranguí

The Best New Music for Yoga: January 2018 EditionThese 11 remixes have a lovely and entrancing blend of Brazilian and electronica sounds. Take yourself on a wild ride while listening and practicing to this exotic and expansive combination of instruments, voices, beats, and electronic textures.

Transient by One-way Voice Link

The Best New Music for Yoga: January 2018 EditionThis six song album from Finland-based musicians contains an intriguing array of resonating and soaring sounds amidst a backdrop of subtle ambient pads and drones. Play these ambient tracks at the end of a yoga playlist.

The Moon Shaman by Calm Whale

The Best New Music for Yoga: January 2018 EditionEmbark on a shamanic journey while listening to this hour-long recording of spacious drones, Native American frame drum beats, rain-sticks, gongs, and bells. The intention of this album is to create an “open space of awareness” allowing the listener to experience a deep and profound state of “wholeness, completeness, and unity.” Listen to this delightful cosmic soundscape during meditation, Shavasana, and restorative yoga.



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