The Best New Music for Yoga: July 2018 Edition

The Best New Music for Yoga: July 2018 Edition

The end of July is the heart of summertime and a time for playfulness, joy, and unbridled delight. In the yang energy of summertime, it is important to give yourself permission to engage in activities for sheer enjoyment, without any practical goal. In this month’s selection of new yoga music, you’ll find a harmonious balance between uplifting and sunny east-meets-west tracks and several beautiful, soothing, and introspective ambient albums. We hope our picks inspire you to take full advantage of July’s warm energy while still remembering to indulge in cool darkness when you need it.

Stillness by Free Planet Radio

The Best New Music for Yoga: July 2018 EditionPerfect for a slow yoga practice, this spellbinding blend of eastern and western instrumentation is deeply soothing and introspective. The 11 tracks on this album have mellow tempos and a delightful combination of sounds including oud, piano, melodica, electric guitar, handpans, frame drums, rattles, kanjira, bongos, gongs, cajon, doumbek, and acoustic and electric bass.

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Yurt sessions by ~~<(uni.)

The Best New Music for Yoga: July 2018 EditionA beautiful medley of world music percussion intertwines with electronica and flute on this new album, recorded live in a yurt in the Canadian Rockies. These tracks have a medium tempo, perfect for a mindful vinyasa flow or other gentle yoga practice.

EP by Meru

The Best New Music for Yoga: July 2018 EditionThis EP of beautiful and peaceful world music from Portugal brings together instruments from various world cultures. Classical guitar, didgeridoo, djembe, Indian sitar, and acoustic bass intertwine to create quite a mesmerizing sonic journey for your yoga practice.

Shapes in the Silence by Sika

The Best New Music for Yoga: July 2018 EditionIf you enjoy a shamanic vibe to your yoga music, check out these seven magical compositions featuring didgeridoo, drums, shakers, and flutes. These tracks are spacious and mellow with an entrancing way of pulling your focus inwards.

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Music For Yoga Vol. Two by Zen That Beat

The Best New Music for Yoga: July 2018 EditionA random request from a friend to compose music for her yoga class set musician and performer Ryan Holiday in a new direction. He has since found peace in making music for the yoga community, and his upbeat, funky songs combining electronica beats, notes, and vocal loops bring a welcomed enthusiasm and playfulness to a vinyasa yoga flow.

Chants v.1 by Ali Cellini

The Best New Music for Yoga: July 2018 EditionIn her yoga classes, Ali Cellini always sings mantras to her students during shavasana. On this album, Cellini’s chants are layered with singing bowl drones to provide “a soothing, loving sound to help you breathe, to help you calm, to help you let go.” These sweet tracks are perfect for playing at the end of your yoga practice, or simply anytime you need refuge from this busy world.

Calm Gong Meditation by Calm Whale

The Best New Music for Yoga: July 2018 EditionPlay this 60-minute recording during shavasana or meditation and be instantly transported to a place of deep peace and calm. The deep resonant sound of a gong is layered with tuning forks, shaman drum, Tibetan singing bowls, and crystal bowls to create an entrancing and mystical atmosphere.

Vertical Time by Jörgen Kjellgren

The Best New Music for Yoga: July 2018 EditionThis ambient EP layers beautiful synths with field recordings of rain, wind, and birds from the coast of Finland. Inspired by Buddhist teachers’ descriptions of “vertical time” in meditation, these recordings were meant to bring the listener fully present in the moment. While these tracks are great for meditation, they also will work well for shavasana.


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