The Best New Music for Yoga: November 2017 Edition

Best New Music for Yoga: November 2017

November brings our attention to honoring the beauty and bounty of the summer’s harvest. As we begin to move towards the darkness and heaviness of wintertime, we naturally turn our focus and attention inwards. It is essential to not become lost in this dark time of year, thus we have included fun and upbeat albums in this month’s list of introspective yoga music.

Divyani by bhavnath

yoga meditation music albumBorn into a very religious Hindu family, this spiritual retreat leader and sound healing musician has created a beautiful and calming first album. Recorded in the Indian Himalayas and Mauritius Island, these six tracks work great for the slower parts of a yoga practice.

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SONHA by Andreas Bokros

yoga music albumSweet, soothing, and intricate, this new album from Swedish composer and guitarist has a great medium tempo for a yoga practice. Bokros plays a fascinating fusion of world styles. These compositions use an intriguing selection of instruments: nylon guitar, steel-stringed guitar, cajón, pandeiro, tambourine, shakers, and hand claps.

Electrónica Orgánica. Vol1: Noche by Fértil Discos

yoga music albumThe first compilation album from this new Argentinean label is a lovely blend of exotic electronica sounds and great downbeat rhythms. Add some of these mesmerizing instrumental tracks to spice up your vinyasa playlists.

Anahata Beatspeaker instrumentals vol. 1 by Anahata Sacred Sound Current

yoga music albumThese 15 tracks were composed and recorded to be played as one continuous hour-long soundtrack. A steady bass heavy tempo is supported by a collective of artists from a “variety of styles fusing hip hop, Middle Eastern, Native American, reggae, and kirtan.” Put this album on when you need to pump up your yoga flow.

Hanuman Festival

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Maheya by Naveya

yoga music albumHop on a wild spiritual journey from this Dutch trio to facilitate deep inner exploration. Electronica sounds and beats combined with haunting vocals, shakers, didgeridoo, drums, piano, and guitar make up these seven tracks. The intention of this album is to “discover your path in the here and now, which is presence.”

Temporal by Dexter Britain

yoga music albumPlay this souring and dramatic soundtrack when you yearn to be in a magical and mystical realm. Despite the album’s title, these compositions have a strong spiritual and heavenly aura.

Whispers in the Wind by The Ambient Visitor

yoga meditation music albumThis generative ambient soundscape is composed of slow soothing drones, which create a perfect soundtrack for meditation or Shavasana. Each layer of sound has a different length; they interact and combine in beautiful and unique ways.

Blue Moon Meditation by Calm Whale

yoga meditation music albumThis hour-long soundscape combines beautiful Zaphir wind chimes (similar to koshi bells) with waves of gentle rainstick and a subtle undulating drone of synth pads. Play this album as a backdrop for meditation or a restorative yoga session.

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