The Best Yoga Essentials for Beginners

Best Yoga Products for Beginners
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Whether you’re starting a new hobby or a whole new way of life, you’ll probably want to gather a few simple tools to help you succeed and stay motivated. But remember, there’s no need for a major financial investment in gear for every new interest. For example, to get started with running, all you need is a pair of good shoes. The same is true for yoga—with so many resources available for free and no need for expensive equipment, yoga is the perfect hobby to try out without breaking the bank. That said, there are a few products that might help you feel the most comfortable and confident on the mat, so we’ve rounded up a number of our favorite yoga essentials for beginners. Namaste and good luck as you begin your journey into the beautiful world of yoga!

The Best Yoga Essentials for Beginners

Eco-Friendly Mat by Merrithew from the ground up by adding this eco-friendly, recyclable mat to your shopping list. The thick foam will protect your knees in basic poses as well as your spine when you decide to make your first forays into headstands and shoulder stands. Since it’s made from eco-friendly materials and is recyclable and decomposable, you won’t have any guilt if you decide to upgrade your mat in the future! As a bonus, it also comes with a convenient carry-strap so you can take your new practice anywhere.

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Leggings by Yogavated Athletics

Best Yoga Leggings for BeginnersEven if yoga doesn’t end up being your calling, these leggings will be just as stylish and functional off the mat. Made by an eco-friendly, USA-made activewear brand, these limited edition leggings are both beautiful and functional—they feature original artwork from unique artists as well as sweat-wicking fabric and “no dig” waistbands that let you down dog in comfort.

Yoga Top by KiraGrace

Best Yoga Top for BeginnersSave yourself from the fuss of dealing with complicated tops so you can focus on what’s actually important: delving deeper into your practice. This bra is built for high performance and high comfort. Heralded as the brand’s “Magic Bra”, this bra is built to suit all sizes with thick, soft straps a wide band that won’t dig in.

Cork Yoga Block by Tranquil Yogi

Best Yoga Blocks for BeginnersWhile yoga blocks can seem intimidating to use at first, they’re the basic building blocks of a solid practice for beginners and pros alike. These easily compressible yet firm foam blocks provide support, balance, and comfort to help you achieve new postures. Once you’ve found your footing with blocks, give one of Tranquil Yogi’s yoga wheels a try to deepen your shoulder, hip, and chest stretches or to make backbends a breeze.

Yoga Strap by Cleveryoga

Best Yoga Straps for BeginnersYou might have heard that yoga straps are only useful for the super inflexible, but they can actually benefit all levels of yoga students. A strap is a great way to create mind-muscle connections in basic poses and increase flexibility as you work towards advanced poses. This sturdy and inexpensive strap by Cleveryoga is made from machine-washable cotton that’s designed to last.

Video Subscription Service by OMstars

Yoga Essentials for Beginners 7Once you’re stocked up on yoga essentials, put them to the test with OMstars, a subscription service that brings the world’s best teachers to your streaming devices. With over 1,000 different courses to support your practice, including meditation, yogic cooking, and support for teachers, OMstars brings thousands of hours of knowledge straight into your home all at a monthly rate that’s less expensive than a studio class.

Chakra Balancing Essential oils by Heartscent Aromatherapy

Best Yoga Oils for BeginnersFinding your center on the mat can be a challenge for even veteran yogis, but this collection of organic oils by Heartscent Aromatherapy will help. This collection includes seven Chakra oils, blends of jojoba and certified organic essential oils infused with crystals that resonate with each Chakra energy center. Simply apply a couple of drops to pulse points or chakras, then breathe deeply to get closer to inner peace and calm.

Other Yoga Gear You Might Want to Try

Yoga Mat Cleaner Spray

After using your yoga mat for a while, you will need to give it a good cleaning to freshen it up and get its sticky texture back. All natural and safe for all yoga types, this mat cleansing spray is formulated with rosemary and eucalyptus essential oils to energize as well as disinfect.

Water Bottle

Whether your practice is usually slow and restorative or you opt to sweat it out during hot yoga classes, staying hydrated is important. Try this BPA-free glass water bottle for water that always tastes crisp. This one can hold hot drinks too!

Yoga Towel

Prevent slipping during hot yoga practices with a microfiber yoga towel that has silicone grips on the bottom to help it cling to your mat.

Yoga Mat Tote

Take your practice on the go with a mat carrying sling that features large, easy to access pockets and comes in a myriad of colors.

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