Deepen your Yoga Education with the Hanuman Academy

Deepen your Yoga Education with the Hanuman Academy

What do you do when a calling to dive deeper into the practice and study of yoga stirs your soul? The easiest and most accessible solution is to read and study yoga books and scriptures—but this can lack the commitment, community, focus, and access to master teachers that is needed for a deep and profound experience. Yoga retreats and advanced training programs are also options but they require travel, inflexible time commitments, and housing and tuition expenses that may be challenging to modern yogis’ resources of time and money. To address these challenges the creators of Boulder’s Hanuman Festival have recently announced an advanced online yoga academy that allows yogis to expand and deepen their education in the comfort of their own homes.

The Hanuman Academy’s first online immersion brings several master teachers together to teach The Five Elements of Yoga, an in-depth course to explore the primary physical and energetic foundations of life. Having a clear understanding of the actions and interactions of the five elements (ether, air, fire, water, and earth) gives a yogi greater knowledge, skill, and insight into using yoga as a mind-body tool for creating balance, healing and well-being for oneself and others.

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While a single instructor could have taught the entire program, the academy has chosen five teachers to lead each element’s module. Using multiple teachers adds diversity, wisdom, and perspective to the program and allowed the academy to intentionally select teachers whose personality embodies the specific element they are leading.

The academy’s creators have plentiful experience in leading three day festivals and week-long yoga retreats (through their Hanuman Adventures programs) but The Five Elements of Yoga will be a longer, richer and more complex program. Starting in October and ending in March, participants will need to commit to six months of study and practice. Weekly video lessons will continuously engage students while being spaced out enough to provide contemplation, reflection, and integration. The video lessons will include dharma/philosophy talks and detailed practices on asana, pranayama, meditations, mantra and mudra.

The convenience of an online learning platform is obvious—you can watch videos, read handouts and complete homework assignments according to your current work-life schedule. Having lifetime access to the curriculum and practices allows you to catch up later if you fall behind, slow down to digest certain sections, and refresh your memory years after the program ends.

When exploring the deep and rich teachings of yoga a strong community is important for support and assistance with integrating material and practices as well as adapting to any life changes. This camaraderie will be cultivated in Hanuman Academy’s program through a moderated private Facebook group as well as by twelve live question and answer webcasts with the teacher leading the current module.

If you lead a modern lifestyle and have two-three hours a week to go deeper into the practice and study of yoga then The Five Elements of Yoga may be an efficient, flexible, and affordable option for you. While registration does not start until September 1st, if you sign up for their email list now you will receive a series of informative emails on how to tap into the energy of the five elements and simple yet effective practices to balance each one.

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