The Best Free Yoga Videos for December 2019

free yoga videos

The end of December is often the busiest and most stressful time of year. Being so, keeping up with your yoga practice is an invaluable remedy to maintain a calm and relaxed body and mind. Many of the videos on this month’s list are short, slow and focus on calming poses that are seated or reclined. But don’t fret—we have also included two awesome challenging practices to keep your body fit, toned and balanced. We hope these seven awesome free yoga videos support and inspire a soothing and peaceful practice in the months ahead.

Shine Bright Yoga Practice by Yoginimelbourne

This 70-minute yoga class is a “challenging, sweaty practice that gets the whole body moving.” This creative and fun sequence includes a headstand and a lot of upper body and side body strengthening so many will find this a bit advanced. There is ample quiet time at the end of the video for seated meditation and Shavasana.

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Yoga Joy Vinyasa Flow by Yoga With Adriene

This practice’s intention is to “embody the essence of joy for your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.” This 19-minute strengthening and warming vinyasa sequence includes Warrior 2, reverse warrior, and warrior angle. The class ends with several standing Balancing Poses.

Unwind, a Slow Evening Yoga Routine by Rituals

This sweet and gentle 15-minute practice is a wonderful way to end a long stressful day, or to practice anytime you want to “unwind and create space in your body and mind.” This slow-moving sequence focuses on seated and supine poses that twist, bend and nurture the spine and back.


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Total Body Deep Stretch Yoga by Yoga With Bird

This slow and gentle yoga routine focuses on the back, hips, and shoulders to release tension through holding deep stretches. Practice this beginner-friendly 15-minute video anytime you need a quick refresh and release of the day’s stress and tension.

Evening Yoga Stretch to Relax by Yoga with Kassandra

There are no standing poses in this sweet 10-minute practice that will “help you stretch out your body from head to toe.” Practice along with this newbie-friendly video at the end of your day to wash away your worries and prepare for a great night’s sleep.

Morning Full Body Yoga for Beginners with Emily Henderson by YOGATX

This 10-minute yoga class starts standing and moves into several wide leg poses like goddess, wide-angle forward fold and triangle pose. The class ends with some core work and a hip opener. This quick and simple sequence is great for beginners but is also a sweet practice to wake up to for more experienced yogis.

Total Body Power Yoga: Reconnect by Boho Beautiful

This 25-minute yoga flow “will get your metabolism pumping, your body sweaty, and your heart rate up in order to tone, build strength, and feel great.” The sequence will challenge you with many lunges, core work, tricky transitions, and upper body strengthening poses of side plank, chaturanga, and wild-thing. The video is beautifully filmed on the rooftop of a spa at Amargos Island in Greece.

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