The Best Free Yoga Videos for November 2019

free yoga videos

The start of the holiday season of travel, feasting, and stress, can create a tight body, a frazzled mind, and an anxious heart. We’ve selected several free yoga videos to address many of the common issues of the season—from jet lag to tight shoulders, to back pain and overall stress! These eight yoga classes are all very calming and soothing so they can be enjoyed anytime you feel a bit stressed. We would certainly recommend you have this list of videos handy to help you recoup after holiday traveling, shopping or feasting.

Deep Stretches For Travel Jet Lag by BrettLarkinYoga

Yoga is an amazing remedy for the stiffness, tightness, and tiredness that arise after sitting in a cramped seat during a long trip. This travel yoga sequence contains yoga poses and deep stretches target tight hips and hamstrings, as well as the lower back. Practicing with this 12-minute class will help you reinvigorate, recover and integrate after a long trip.

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Yoga to Unwind Yoga Flow by Cat Meffan

This short and sweet 19-minute yoga practice is a great antidote when you are feeling stressed, anxiety and overwhelmed. Discover how to “unwind your mind and body” to regain a sense of presence and ease in this gentle floor-based pose flow.

Neck, Shoulder & Upper Body Magic by Yoginimelbourne

If your neck and shoulders are feeling tight and tense check out this lovely 18-minute yoga practice to deeply release muscular tension in the upper body. This sequence starts with some simple standing stretches and then finishes up on the belly and back.

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Yoga For Back Pain by Boho Beautiful

This yoga for back pain sequence is a balance of basic yoga poses that massage and stretch the lower back and poses that strengthen the core and back muscles. Give this 14-minute class a try if your back feels tense or sore.

Rise With Intention Yoga by Annie Clarke

Wake up with this 20 minute morning practice “to rise with intention and create a grounded, intentional start to your day.” This slow and mindful yoga class is great to watch anytime you need a sweet and gentle practice.

Yin Yoga for Stress Relief  by Yoga with Kassandra

You will need to have 1-2 yoga blocks, some pillows or blankets and be near a wall to fully participate in this 30-minute full-body yin yoga class. This sequence starts with a supported Hero pose, which you may find really difficult if your quads are super tight. Otherwise, this is a super chill practice to unwind and release from a busy and hectic day.

Yoga Flow for Detox & Digestion by Sarah Beth Yoga

This 30-minute yoga class will “stimulate digestion and lymphatic drainage with a full-body yoga flow of compressive and gentle twisting yoga poses.” This mindful yoga flow sequence is filled with twists, side bends and Forward Bending Poses that compress and massage the organs to encourage them to detox.

Full Body Flow by Yoga With Adriene

This 19-minute yoga class begins standing in Mountain pose with an intention setting meditation and then moves through a fun and creative flow. The goal of this sequence is to
build heat, awareness, energy, and strength in the whole body.

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