The Best Free Yoga Videos for October 2019

free yoga videos

The cool and windy energy of Autumn encourages us to slow down, draw our focus inside and stock up our inner resources for the winter ahead. Thus, fall is a great time to explore yoga’s subtle energies, and we’ve found several of the yoga videos in this month’s collection of free YouTube videos focus on the chakra energy system. We also added several super short practices, from 5 to 10 minutes, to give you a little boost when you are short on time. We hope these nine awesome free yoga videos support and inspire your practice in the month ahead.

Morning Total Body Yoga Flow: Awaken by Boho Beautiful

This 20-minute class is one of the most beautifully filmed yoga videos we have seen in a while. The flowing sequence of backbends and lunging poses will strengthen and help “awaken the body in the morning or any time of the day.” The video was filmed on the gorgeous rooftop yoga studio of a hotel & spa located in Amargos Island, Greece.

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Moon Salutation Yoga Practice by Jessica Richburg

This soothing and sweet moon Salutation honors and invokes the cooling and yin energy of the moon. This 15-minute yoga video begins with some gentle warm-up movements before moving into the vinyasa centered around Goddess Squat pose to open the side body, legs, and hips.

Beginner Yoga for Flexibility, Stress Relief, and Relaxation by KinoYoga

It is pretty rare when Kino MacGregor releases a free full-length yoga class on Youtube, so definitely add this one to your list to practice with. while Kino’s advanced Ashtanga practice can be intimidating, this 43-minute practice is very beginner-friendly. Most of the sequence is composed of poses on the floor with only a Triangle and Warrior 2 for standing poses.

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Root Chakra Yoga to Get Grounded by Allie The Journey Junkie

This 20- minute yoga video begins on your back with some leg stretches and bridge pose repetitions and proceeds with lunge poses and twists. The class ends with some pranayama and a silent meditation. Activating and strengthening your root chakra will help you feel embodied, safe, secure, trusted, appreciated and belongingness.

Kundalini Yoga to Activate your Solar Plexus Chakra with Gurmukh by Alo Yoga

Activate your inner power and truth with this 38-minute Kundalini Yoga class. The movement, mudras, mantras, meditation, and breathwork in this yoga video focuses on building and moving energy in the third chakra. The class centers around leg lifts so you will need a strong core to fully participate.

Yoga Flow Class to Stimulate the Throat Chakra by BrettLarkinYoga

This 45-minute yoga video focuses on the alignment head and neck to help balance the fifth chakra. “When energy isn’t flowing properly through this chakra, we might feel as if we can’t say what we need to say (or we say a lot of words that fail to communicate our true message).” This gentle and mindful class is a interesting and creative pose sequence that is worth exploring even if you are not interested in strengthening your throat chakra.

5 Minute Morning Yoga Flow For Beginners

This sweet and quick yoga sequence can be done while still in bed or on your yoga mat. These simple and easy movements are perfect for beginners or whenever you need to “wake up the body and mind to help you truly feel your best.”

7 Min. Yoga Sequence for Beginners with Matt Giordano by TINT Yoga

This quick sequence of standing poses is paced slow enough so beginners can comfortably follow along. The class uses yoga blocks so you might want to have one handy.

Full Body Morning Yoga Stretch for Beginners by YOGATX

This quick 10-minute yoga class begins with slow gentle movements to warm and wake up the body. After some down dogs and lunging poses, the class ends with two minutes of pranayama.

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