The Best Free Gratitude Meditation Videos

gratitude meditation videos

In our busy day-to-day lives, we often overlook our best and most accessible source of happiness and well-being—gratitude. The synergetic combination of gratitude with meditation creates a powerful healing and calming effect on our bodies, minds, and hearts. Sitting down and focusing on our breath while summoning thoughts of gratitude encourages us to open our hearts and embrace our blessings. This in turn cultivates peace, positivity, and happiness. We’ve selected six of the best guided gratitude meditation videos so you can easily reap the benefits of gratitude and establish a regular practice.

Six Great Guided Meditation Videos for Gratitude

Check out this list of free youtube videos to learn how to practice a gratitude meditation. Each of these meditation practices is different, so watch all of them to find out which is the best one for you. To fully reap the benefits of gratitude it is best to practice every day.

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Joyful Gratitude Meditation by Yoga with Rituals

This 12-minute meditation begins with a brief intro on meditation and gratitude. This practice focuses on abundance and gratitude and ends with a gentle yoga stretch.

Guided Meditation For Gratitude by Boho Beautiful

This 10-minute guided meditation begins by focusing on the breath and then uses the centering thought “my life is filled with blessings and I am grateful” as the focus for the remainder of the practice. You can carry this affirmation through the rest of your day to refocus your mind on gratitude.

Morning Gratitude Meditation by Sarovara Yoga

This quick and simple 5-minute gratitude meditation is a great way to start your day. The background sounds of water and birds add to the calming and soothing instruction.

Gratitude Meditation with Ally Bogard by MNDLF Meditation

This 10-minute gratitude meditation combines a physical feeling exploration of the chest and the energetic heart while mentally listing all that you appreciate and are grateful for. This practice encourages voluntary physical stillness while holding the energy of gratitude as the focus of your mind.

Heart-Centered Gratitude Meditation by Sleepy Santosha

This 7-minute heart-centered meditation begins with invoking gratitude for a helpful object, a safe space, and a kind person. The second half of the practice synchronizes simple arm movements with the breath to activate the heart chakra and to encourage feelings of offering and receiving gratitude.

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Guided Loving Kindness Meditation for Gratitude by Declutter The Mind

This 10-minute guided meditation session incorporates the Buddhist technique of loving-kindness or Metta meditation to express love, kindness, and gratitude.

More Ways to Practice Gratitude

Have you enjoyed these meditations and want to further incorporate gratitude into your life and yoga practice? We have several other great resources on YogaBasics for you! Read our article on easy and simple ways to add gratitude to your yoga practice or see this list of the Best Yoga Poses and Mantras for Gratitude. You should also check out 14 Free Yoga Videos to Boost Gratitude to see our list of amazing free yoga videos specifically designed to help you cultivate a sense of gratitude. If you need the inspiration to start or keep going with your daily practice of gratitude, see this list of awesome quotes on yoga and gratitude.

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