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Grippz Mats: Acupressure Meets Yoga Mat

Published on
November 3, 2016

Would you do yoga on a bed of nails? Employing the principles of bed of nails acupressure pads, a new yoga mat covered in hundreds of ergonomically designed nodes aims to target pressure points throughout the body while you practice. Although the knobs are not as sharp as steel nails or plastic spikes, the benefits can be just as appealing.

The practice of lying across a bed of nails to promote relaxation and meditation dates back thousands of years to the time of Indian mystics. Known for such feats as walking across burning coals, lounging over thousands of nails, and subsisting without food or water for weeks at a time, ancient yogis awed and baffled crowds.

Scientists have come to understand that the old bed of nails trick is not as sensational as it seems. Due to the large surface area of the nails, the skin goes unscathed. Instead of pricking the skin, the points provide a gentle pressure that sends endorphins through the body. Endorphins are the feel-good chemicals released during physical activity that alleviate pain and lift the mood.

Not only do the nails help release endorphins, they also target pressure points in the body. Targeting pressure points can stimulate blood flow, promote relaxation, reduce stress, relieve pain, improve digestion, and regulate sleep patterns.

Convinced lying on a bed of nails has benefits, but not yet ready to salute the sun across a thousand metal points? An acupressure yoga mat could be the answer.

After overcoming her symptoms of Lyme disease with a regular regimen of yoga and acupressure, Katrina Starzhynskaya set out to create a mat that would combine these two healing modalities. With the design completed, she has begun a crowdfunding campaign to make Grippz Mats available to others. Unlike other acupressure mats that are shorter in size and not meant for prolonged use, Grippz Mats are designed to be used during yoga classes.

Grippz Mats are eco-friendly, natural rubber mats covered in ergonomically designed knobs that stimulate pressure points across the body while you practice. The mats are made with closed cell technology, which prevents the absorption of sweat, while the knobs provide extra grip to prevent slipping. Many of the body’s pressure points are located in the hands, feet, and back, so simply stretching into Downward-Facing Dog or relaxing into savasana while on the mat can be beneficial.


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