Yoga Basics Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Yoga Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Looking for some top-notch gift suggestions for your yoga-loving or yoga-curious friends and family? Or perhaps you’re a well-practiced yogi searching for a few gift-worthy items to put on your wish list for Santa? You’re in luck. The 2018 Yoga Basics Holiday Yoga Gift Guide is here!

We’ve compiled this list of nine great yoga gifts suitable for all levels of yoga practitioners to help de-stress your holiday gift search. Each of the gifts in our yoga gift guide is sure to encourage the recipient—wherever they are in their yoga journey—to slow down, breathe, and stay present.

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Practice-Enhancing Props & Gear

Yoga practitioners of all levels need the right yoga gear to be able to achieve certain poses with proper alignment. Beginners, for example, might need basics like block and straps, while experienced yogis will appreciate advanced yoga props and high-quality yoga mats.

Natural Jute Yoga Mat Set by YogiMall

holiday yoga giftsIf you have a friend who’s recently become interested in yoga, check out this great 4-in-1 yoga set. It includes everything you need to get started with yoga: a jute yoga mat, a cotton D-ring strap that doubles as a mat carrier, a hot yoga hand towel, and a set of toeless yoga socks. All of YogiMall’s products are non-toxic and made of eco-friendly materials.

Yoga Starter Kit by West Path

Yoga Basics Holiday Gift Guide 2018For beginner yoga peeps, consider this lovely yoga kit filled with beautiful eco-friendly and fair trade products. This kit includes a handwoven yoga blanket, mat bag, and cotton stretching strap. Customize the kit by choosing between a regular or XL blanket and choosing the colors of the mat bag and strap.

Cork or Rubber Top Yoga Wheel by Tranquil Yogi

yoga holiday giftsFor more experienced yogis, consider gifting Tranquil Yogi’s Yoga wheel. The wheel is not only beautiful but also an amazing and fun performance aid. It can be used to support deep backbends and to open up the chest, as well as to improve strength, flexibility, and balance. For the top layer, choose between thickly padded rubber or cork.

Treats for Happy Skin & Aromatherapy

Incense and aromatherapy are time-tested ways to ease the mind into a calm and focused state for practicing yoga and meditation. We’ve selected several giftable products sure to keep your yoga friends smelling great while also easing aches and pains, promoting healthy and radiant skin, and purifying their practice space.

Natural Body Pain Relief Lotion by Teva Essential Oils

holiday yoga giftsYoga friends who love working hard in vinyasa or hot yoga classes will definitely appreciate a bottle of this pain-relieving aromatherapy lotion. This lotion is vegan, comes in a BPA-free bottle, and is made in the U.S. with natural essential oils including eucalyptus, ylang ylang, and spikenard.

Yoga Roll-on Essential Oil Bundle by Halsa Essentials

holiday yoga giftsIf your yogi friend or family member enjoys using essential oils, check out this great bundle of three roll-on oils from Halsa Essentials. Developed by a yoga instructor, the bundle includes three blends: Asana Flow (for greater focus and openness to start yoga), Sweet savasana (for deep relaxation during final resting pose), and Mindful Meditation (for grounding and focusing during contemplation).

Everyday Plant-Based Face Care Sampler Pack by ZenJen Skincare

yoga holiday gift guideWhile a regular practice of yoga already helps create radiant skin, yoga lovers will surely still enjoy the nourishing and anti-aging face care products in this sampler pack from ZenJenSkin. The pack includes the company’s four most popular products in travel sized 15ml containers: the Ageless C Serum, Hello Sunshine Tinted Day Lotion, Good Night Moon Beams, and WakeUp Bright Eyes.

Etched Palo Santo Stick 4 Pack by Artefacts Collection

holiday yoga giftsLighting one of these Palo Santo sticks is a great way to refresh, cleanse, and bless a yoga or meditation practice space. The four sustainably harvested “Holy Wood” sticks in this set are etched with words, sacred geometry, and chakra designs and are beautiful enough to be displayed as altarpieces. This set would make a unique and thoughtful gift for your zen friends and yoga teachers.

Beautiful & Functional Yoga Clothing

The comfort and style of the clothes we wear to practice yoga can affect both our asana practice and our state of mind. As the old adage states, “look good, feel good,” so help your yogi friends look good and feel good on their yoga mats by gifting them some beautiful and functional new yoga clothes.

Ladies Racerback Tank Top by Moonlight Makers

holiday yoga giftsFor friends who love a good pun, these clever tank tops from Moonlight Makers are perfect. The tanks are made with a soft tri-blend fabric in a comfortable loose fit style, and feature giggle-inducing phrases like, “Oh kale no,” “Let that shiitake go,” and “Namast’ay in bed.”

Men’s yoga clothing by OHMME

holiday yoga giftsMen’s yoga clothing is notoriously difficult to find! Your masculine-leaning yoga friends will certainly appreciate a new yoga outfit from OHMME, a company specializing in high-quality men’s yoga apparel. Their stylish technical tops and bottoms are designed for comfort, ease, and minimal fuss with breathable, sustainable, sweat-wicking, quick drying, and anti-odor fabrics.

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