Mantras and Malas to Empower New Year’s Resolutions

Mantras and Malas to Empower New Year’s Resolutions

Fulfilling New Year’s resolutions are notoriously difficult—only nine percent of people who make resolutions report that they accomplished their goals. Fortunately, the yogic tradition provides two simple and synergetic ways to empower and strengthen your resolutions. Mantras are sacred Sanskrit prayers that have been used for thousands of years to focus the mind and manifest personal and spiritual goals. Mala beads are a mantra counting tool, but they also infuse the wearer with their bead’s unique energetic properties. Pairing your New Year’s resolution with an appropriate mantra and mala can certainly give you the added oomph needed to accomplish your goals.

Please know that mantras and malas are not a magic pill–you will still need to work hard to achieve your goals and intentions. Also, be aware that these combinations are my recommendations and that there are other gemstone mala beads and Sanskrit mantras that might work better for your individual needs and circumstances.

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To create abundance and wealth

Pyrite is commonly known as “fool’s gold” and is used to attract the people, situations, and things that make you feel prosperous, fortunate, and blessed. Chanting with a Pyrite mala can help access your abilities and hidden potentials. This stone of action, will, and vitality can also provide the confidence, inspiration, motivation, and focus to carry things through to their completion.

Pair your Pyrite mala with these two potent mantras to attract and manifest abundance and wealth:
Om Sri Maha Lakshmyai Namah–Use this mantra to call upon the Goddess of wealth, fortune, luxury, power, prosperity, and generosity.
Om Sarva Kamadaya Namaha–Kama is translated as “desire, wish, longing.”  Use this “granter of desires” mantra to get clear on what you want and how to attain your goals.

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To nurture and strengthen relationships

If you want to spend more time with your family and create deeper and more meaningful relationships in the new year, consider using and wearing a mala made with aventurine gemstones. Aventurine heals the heart chakra and clears away blockages of negativity, fear, and anxiety. In China, aventurine is the sacred stone of Kuan-Yin, the goddess of mercy and compassion. This relationship stone also helps to improve communication, positivity, harmony, and good luck.

Pair your aventurine mala with these two potent mantras for relationships:
Om Radha Krishnaya Namaha–Radha is the beloved of Krishna, who embodies the ideal of spiritual love and is known as the Goddess of the universe.
Aham Prema–This mantra is translated as “I am pure Divine Love.” Chant this mantra to embody universal love and to cultivate compassion towards yourself and others.

To quit bad habits

Amethyst is known to promote emotional stability, inner strength, and sobriety. This crystal can remove grief, despair, anger, and help you defeat destructive actions, bad habits, and negative thoughts. This strongly meditative and calming stone will help reduce the anxiety and stress of quitting an addictive substance and will keep you focused and steadfast while adding a new good habit. Amethyst can also create clarity and understanding of your true needs, wants, and desires.

Pair your Amethyst mala with these two potent mantras to help defeat destructive bad habits:
Om Namah Shivaya–Use the moola mantra of Shiva to cultivate inner strength, fearlessness, detachment, and transformation.
Om Kreem Hrum Hreem–”Kreem” is the bija (seed or essence) mantra for Kali, which is used to invoke inner-strength and protection, eradicate problems, and provide success in all endeavors.

To heal your body

Tiger’s Eye has been used to treat a wide variety of illnesses, including sinus congestion, vision problems, and broken bones. Using a mala made of this protective stone can bring you the courage, strength of mind, and self-confidence to help overcome any health issue. Tiger’s Eye can also amplify the energies of other gemstones.

Pair your Tiger’s Eye mala with these two potent mantras for healing the body and mind:
Om Shri Dhanvantre Namaha–Dhanvantari is known in the Vedas and Puranas as the doctor of the devas (gods) and is considered the creator of Ayurveda, India’s traditional healing science.
Tayata Om Bekandze Bekandze Maha Bekandze Radza Samudgate Soha–This is the mantra of the Medicine Buddha whose name is invoked to heal and prevent illness.

To lose weight and get fit

If you lack the motivation, commitment, energy, and self-confidence to maintain an exercise routine or manage your weight, then you might want to wear a mala made with Carnelian beads. This stone will bring positivity and reduce feelings of apathy and depression. Carnelian is also known to attract good luck, abundance, and prosperity!

Pair your Carnelian mala with these two potent mantras to cultivate energy, stamina, and strength:
Om Sri Ramaya Namah–Use the moola (root or primary) mantra of Lord Rama to invoke his radiant warrior energy, inner focus, and limitless strength.
Om Hum Hanumate Namaha–This mantra calls upon Hanuman’s immense courage, success, strength, stamina, and power.

Practice to empower your resolutions

Just choosing a mala and mantra that aligns with your New Year’s intentions can create a pathway to success and achievement. To fully embrace your mala beads and mantras to empower your resolutions and goals, I would recommend a daily practice of wearing and using the mala with your mantra.

If you are new to the practice of mantra meditation, start with a 40-day sadhana practice. If you cannot do a daily practice, then place your mala somewhere where you will see it frequently as a visual reminder of your goals. Your mala will also infuse the surrounding environment with the energy of the gemstones. If you have a meditation practice, you can place the mala on your meditation altar. Likewise, if you practice yoga, you can set your mala beads at the top of your yoga mat.

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