Yoga on the Go: The Trend of Mobile Studios

Published on November 5, 2015

In a world of tight deadlines, strict break times, and countless responsibilities, more and more people are realizing that their biggest limitation when it comes to yoga isn’t asana—it’s time (or lack thereof). That’s why many yogis are turning to mobile yoga studios. A mobile studio is a team of trained instructors who individually visit your home, workspace, or other creative spaces on your schedule. Equipped with mats, props, and customized classes, mobile instructors maximize the minimal time you have available to make yoga part of your schedule rather than a scheduling conflict. These studios are popping up all over the US to make yoga accessible and convenient.

Mobile yoga is great for a multitude of reasons:

You choose your class location, group size, and style. Do you have a 12-hour workday ahead? Book the conference room for a 30-minute gentle class that focuses on pranayama (breath). You don’t even need to change out of your work clothes! For parents who don’t want the hassle of finding childcare, why not do yoga at home with the kids? Or schedule a peaceful, restorative practice while the kids are in school! Either way, mobile yoga exists to work with you and for you.

If you and your friends constantly struggle with paying steep studio fees, come together and hire a mobile teacher! Your group sessions will probably run cheaper than a studio pass.

Because your session is adapted to you/your group, you’ll likely get much more attention from your teacher than you would in a normal studio setting. If you continually work with the same teacher, s/he will get to know your comforts and discomforts, strengths and abilities, injuries, and opportunities for growth (and probably more).

There are also some potential downsides to the mobile yoga trend for both students and teachers:

(Too Much) Comfort
While practicing with the same teacher and group can be incredibly effective for building rapport, too much of the same thing can hinder personal growth. Everyone should be open to adding a little challenge here and there. Create goals together! Try a new style! Get out of that comfort zone from time to time.

(Limited) Community
Your mobile yoga session is likely you (and potentially your group) and your teacher. As awesome as it is to build close relationships with your mobile yogis, don’t isolate yourself! Explore a community class. Invite new people to your mobile group. Expand your wings, social butterfly!

This one is geared specifically to mobile instructors. Without a brick-and-mortar studio space, your job becomes slightly less convenient. First, be prepared to initially invest a lot of time, energy, and resources into finding clients and making sure your teaching suits their wants. Second, you will need an initial budget for mats, props, etc. Finally, there is, of course, the aspect of mobility. Consider travel costs and time for setting up the designated space for each appointment.

All things considered, mobile yoga may be an ideal option for those who feel like yoga is more of a scheduling issue or obligation than an enjoyment. As both a yoga student and teacher, I believe in customizing your practice in a way that works for you. Whether it’s a 90-minute studio class, a 30-minute session at work, or a 10-minute meditation before bed, there’s something invaluable about setting aside some time to be present—wherever you are.

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    Ujjvala Upadhyaya

    I would like to know which area you guys go to & how are the classes?

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