Yoga Quiz: How Yogic Is Your Diet?

Do you follow a yogic diet?

What’s the most important aspect of a yoga practice? While some may say it is connecting with the breath or flowing through the asanas, many understand the impact of what you put inside your mouth and its effect on the body. What you eat and how you eat is a good indicator of the quality and progression of your yoga practice. Nourishment of the body is paramount to nourishment of one’s mind and spirit–so take care of your body first, and the rest will follow.

Not sure how your lifestyle and dietary choices align with yoga? Try this quiz to find out if you’re a yogic diet master, on the path to improvement, or if you need some support along the way!

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When you eat on the go, do you ever use plastics?
How often do you eat during the day?
Do you indulge in alcohol, drugs, or other stimulants?
Do you eat meat?
Where do you normally get your meals?
Do you ever fast?
How predominant is organic food in your diet?
What's the first thing you reach for in the morning?
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