The Best Free Yoga Videos for August 2019

Free Yoga Videos

If you have been practicing yoga for a while, you have probably encountered periods when your motivation and inspiration to step on your mat has waned. Finding creative inspiration keeps your practice fresh and motivates your commitment. Also, when you mix up your workout with unique and unfamiliar movements, different levels of pace and intensity, modifications, and poses, this can increase your proprioception and interoception. Strengthening these two nervous system functions can create more profound awareness and mindfulness of our body in space and our internal processes of sensation. Even if you are not interested in the benefits of switching up your practice, you will undoubtedly find this month’s collection of yoga videos interesting, informative, and fun!

Reunite With Your Core Center by Yoga With Adriene

This 18-minute yoga class focuses on “building both muscle and connection at your core center” to allow you to “tap into an inner strength” that will support you physically, energetically and emotionally throughout your day. This class starts on your back with some ab crunches and leg lifts and progresses into variations of plank pose and side plank. Options are given so you can build up into these challenging poses to strengthen your core.

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Good Morning Yoga Flow by Rituals Cosmetics Global

Deborah Quibell teaches a wake-up yoga routine to create clarity and positivity for your day. Use your breath to flow through poses like sun salutations, forward folds, backbends, up-dog, downward-facing dog, plank pose, and warrior II to awaken your body, mind, and heart. This class begins with a short meditation and ends with several supine poses and shavasana relaxation.

Everyday Vinyasa Yoga Flow by Jessica Richburg

Filmed against a gorgeous backdrop of jungle, ocean, and sky, this 20-minute flowing yoga class begins in child’s pose and then progresses into a creative vinyasa with warrior poses and side planks. This video ends on your back with several backbends and inversions and a guided shavasana.

Intermediate Rocket Yoga Inspired Flow by Yoga Dose

This challenging and fast-moving hour-long class includes postures and vinyasa from the Primary and Intermediate series of Ashtanga yoga. Even if this class is too advanced for you, it is still worth checking it out to inspire yourself with some fun poses and a dynamic yet creative sequence.

Full Body Slow Flow by Yoga with Kassandra

You will need two blocks to participate In this quick 13-minute class fully. This slow flow sequence focuses more on stretching than strengthening. The course begins in a wide-legged child’s pose, progresses into some lunging poses, and ends with some backbends and side-bends and a closing meditation.

Active vs. Passive Yoga for Strength & Mobility by Cat Meffan

This 29-minute class begins in mountain pose and warms up with some sun salutations before moving into an active and passive (hands-free) standing balance sequence. The video ends with a short flow of supine poses and finishes in supine bound angle instead of shavasana pose. This is a great practice to work on balancing poses in a unique and challenging way.

Hatha Yoga Makes You Feel So Good Flow by Fightmaster Yoga

This “feel-good” flow is a well-balanced sequence that focuses a bit more on yoga poses that strengthen your core and legs. While there a few challenging poses, this is a very accessible class taught at a slow pace with clear and precise instruction.

Yoga for Flexibility: Hip Openers & Stretches for the Splits by PsycheTruth

Yoga beginners can be limited by their lack of flexibility in their legs and hips, so this class is better suited for those students who are wanting to move towards more advanced hip-opening poses like the spits. But regardless of your level of flexibility, this video might be a bit frustrating, but it will still be very beneficial to practice to open up the challenging areas of the hips, hamstrings and inner thighs.

High Vibe HIIT Flow with Jade Alectra by Alo Yoga

Increase your strength, flexibility, metabolism, and endurance with this yoga flow that integrates intense bursts of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) into a flow yoga sequence. This 19-minute class will surely kick your butt yet leave your feeling energized, refreshed, and empowered.

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