The Best Free Yoga Videos for September 2018

free yoga videos

For this month’s collection of free yoga videos, we’ve pulled together a fun and eclectic mix to give you plenty of options as you kick off your fall season. These six free yoga videos range from twenty minutes to one hour. Whether you want to relax, stretch, get inspired, or get more of an intense workout, we’re sure you’ll find the exact practice you’re looking for in our September lineup.

Relaxing Yoga For Balance the Root Chakra

Julia Jarvis created this beautiful 30-minute class to balance Muladhara, the root chakra energy center. If you suffer from anxiety, pain, or fear, this chakra might be the culprit. The sequence of yoga poses in this class is meant to calm and ease your nerves while helping your muscles relax. It focuses on forward bending yoga poses to stretch the backs of the legs and the low back, and also includes several lunging poses and squats to build strength and stability in the lower body.

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Yoga For Creativity

This 41-minute class by Adriene focuses on cultivating creative energy, starting with a seven-minute meditation that includes pranayama breathing and a mudra. The asana sequence focuses on down dog variations and lunging poses, peaking with a challenging crow pose. Adriene encourages us to, “Loosen your grip, find your focus and fall into your flow.”

Total Body Yoga Workout

Looking for a short yet challenging yoga practice? Tim Senesi has you covered with this 30-minute Vinyasa Flow. This video is sure to get your blood pumping as you focus on balance, stretching, and core strength. Enjoy the sound of the waves and wind in the background as you restore your mind, body, and spirit.

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Yoga Flow Spine Strength Yoga Class

Erin Sampson put together this yummy hour-long spine strengthening class especially for those of us who sit all day for work. As you work through this 57-minute yoga video, you’ll start with some simple prone yoga poses and slowly build from there. While the main emphasis here is on the spine, Erin also includes some balancing postures throughout the flow.

30 Minute Yin Yoga

Annie Clarke’s short yet relaxing yin class was designed to help your body and mind unwind. The shorter class length makes this a quick, rejuvenating practice that can be done whenever you have a spare moment. You will need a bolster or pillow and a yoga block to fully benefit from this video.

Ultimate Yoga Workout

This 20-minute intermediate Ashtanga practice led by Juliana will strengthen the body and build stamina and cardiovascular endurance. After four minutes of gentle yoga movements, the sequence moves into several fast-paced Surya Namaskar B sun salutations, finishing with some standing poses with vinyasa movements. Be prepared to move and sweat during this challenging practice!

Watch More Free Yoga Videos!

At Yoga Basics, we’re constantly reviewing new yoga videos, delivering our top picks to you on the blog every single month! Browse our Free Yoga Videos archives to find the perfect practice for your mood, energy level, and schedule.

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