The Best New Music for Yoga: August Edition

The Best New Music for Yoga: August Edition

I have a love-hate relationship with ambient music. Many recordings in this genre can be boring or over the top new-agey but when done well ambient recordings can be the perfect choice for the start and/or end of a yoga playlist. On this month’s list I have found several albums that explore this genre in unique and interesting ways, as well as several other awesome musical offerings—from experimental harp to afrobeat dub.

Background Temples by Paws Menu
These eight ambient tracks are billed as “An Exploration into the Meditation of Sound” from this Australian electronic band. These soft atmospheric drones slowly pulse and churn with simple yet mesmerizing repetitive sounds and are perfect for meditation, shavasana or just chillin’.

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Light on Yoga Nada by VAIKUNTHAS
This fusion of Indian classical music and chill-out electronic music was composed and produced specifically for practicing yoga. Starting and ending slow with an upbeat middle, these eight tracks will guide your focus deeply inwards as you move and bend and flow.

Folkadelphia Session with Mary Lattimore
Philadelphian harpist Mary Lattimore uses electronics, sonic manipulation and amplification to perform her modern and mesmerizing compositions on these live studio recordings from WXPN.

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Perpetual Dimensions by Simon Wilkinson
These long (10-16 minutes) compositions of atmospheric ambient music will certainly take you to new dimensions of space and time.

You No Fit Touch Am in Dub by Dele Sosimi
This fun and funky dub remix of Sosimi’s last afrobeat album will add some warm summer spice to your yoga playlists.

Water by Bloomtap
Matevž Kovačič, based in Slovenia, uses guitar loops and piano to create ambient and relaxing soundscapes. While these are fairly simple recordings, this five track EP has a lot of diversity and depth.

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