The Best New Music for Yoga: December 2018 Edition

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Passing from the dark nights of the winter solstice into the deep cold and stillness of the heart of winter requires inner strength and a steadfast heart. To help you smoothly make this tough transition, the albums in this month’s collection of yoga music are calming and lighthearted. This lightness is perfect for encouraging self-exploration while maintaining joy in your heart. We hope this month’s collection of music supports you in your journey into the quiet and contemplative spaces of wintertime.

Fields of Light by ANAAMALY

The Best New Music for Yoga: December 2018 EditionThese nine meditative ambient compositions are tuned to the harmonic healing frequency of 432 Hz. This hour-long soundscape combines electronic drones and pads with calming nature sounds like rain and ocean waves.

Sacral Chakra Wind Chimes Meditation by Calm Whale

The Best New Music for Yoga: December 2018 EditionThe sounds of Zaphir Shanti wind chimes are magically combined with slowly pulsating ambient pads and rainstick on this hour-long ambient composition. The intention of this album is “to restore optimum balance and vitality of our Sacral Chakra (Swaddhisthana).” The soothing tones and overtones of tuned wind chimes create a beautiful soundscape for meditation or yoga nidra.

Redolent / Dissolve by WMD

The Best New Music for Yoga: December 2018 EditionGentle piano and guitar melodies beautifully combine with synth pads and swells on this sweet ambient EP. While the album’s first track is a bit more upbeat with some mellow electronica beats, these would all work well played during a gentle yoga practice.

This Earth To Another by Umber

The Best New Music for Yoga: December 2018 EditionThis electronic ambient album has a very strong orchestral and cinematic feel that would naturally complement the slower parts of a yoga practice. The eight compositions on this album have a beautiful mix of shimmering, resonant melodies and mellow variable tempos.

Camino de Flores by El Búho

The Best New Music for Yoga: December 2018 EditionDrop one or more of these nine Latin America-inspired tracks into your vinyasa yoga playlist when you need a boost of energy or a dose of fun! Samples from field recordings mix with synths and drum machines to create an upbeat, funky, and danceable soundtrack.

Winterschlaf by Future Zen

The Best New Music for Yoga: December 2018 EditionThese eight ambient compositions layer soothing synth melodies with slowly pulsing electronic tones. Playing this “quiet album for a quiet world in the wintertime” will encourage inner-reflection and contemplation—perfect for the winter season.

Rasa Bhava by Sita Devi

The Best New Music for Yoga: December 2018 EditionThis fun and eclectic arrangement of uplifting and ecstatic kirtan chant music is beautifully and artfully produced. These five long tracks combine Sanskrit chants with some English lyrics, and Sita Devi’s soaring and soothing vocals are filled with devotion, bliss, and delight.

[BREATHE] by Jon Kelliher

The Best New Music for Yoga: December 2018 EditionThis twenty-minute album was composed with the intention of letting go of worry and is the ideal background when you want to “simply let your mind wander.” Its piano-based compositions are beautifully punctuated with orchestral strings and swells that float on a soothing undercurrent of ambient pads.

Current Spaces Vol. 3 by Justine Sanderson / Jay Robinson

The Best New Music for Yoga: December 2018 EditionThis is the third volume in Sanderson and Robinson’s series of meditative soundscape albums and is only available to download until the duo’s next album is released. These entrancing and mystical combinations of didgeridoo, shruti box, gongs, chimes, sitar, monochord, gongs, chimes, and vocals will easily transport you into the heart of Asia.

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