The Best New Music for Yoga: February 2017 Edition

The Best New Music for Yoga: February Edition

Published on February 28, 2017

February is a month to celebrate our inner fires and truest passions helping us to stay warm and invigorated through the rest of the introspective winter. This month’s music collection contains several calming, sweet and soothing albums as well as two spicier selections to get your heart beating a bit faster.

a2994014223 16Honeyleaf by Alan Gogoll

Oozing with sweetness and delight, these six tracks are a reworking of original pieces from Tasmanian guitarist Alan Gogoll. These solo compositions on a nylon string guitar are filled with subtlety, richness, and depth while creating a balance of mesmerizing complexity with spaciousness.

61uFV4eE2LInner Rhythm Meditations by Byron Metcalf

This ethno-ambient hour-long album uses shamanic world percussion on top of a tapestry of shakuhachi and bansuri flutes, electric guitars, bass, and keyboards to create an immersive and delightful sonic experience. While these compositions were designed for meditation, their tempos are also suitable for a yoga practice.

a1217995975 16Harmony by CloZee

Oh là là, these wonderfully exotic electronica tracks from a French producer will certainly rock out your sun salutations—and they can double as fun and funky booty shaking beats off your mat.

a0716867278 16Asouf by BéTé

These “desert-dub” mixes masterfully blend entrancing Tuareg vocals and electric guitar riffs with electric beats and funky reggae bass rhythms. Bring the warmth and mystery of the Sahara into your practice with these three tracks.

a2839841941 16Ichiru by Daigo Hanada

These twelve soft and soaring piano compositions are perfect for the quiet and gentle parts of your yoga practice. They work equally well for relaxation and healing modalities.

a1045106699 16Urban Metta, Vol. 1 by Anaamaly

Composed specifically for yoga, rest and meditation, these instrumental soundscapes have a slow and spacious vibe. All eleven of these wonderfully textured ambient and downtempo compositions encourage deep introspection and stillness.

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