The Best New Music for Yoga: July Edition

The Best New Music for Yoga: July Edition

Slow, sultry and lush soundtracks are perfect for a sweaty summertime asana practice. For this month’s music list we’ll balance the funky tropical beats from DJ Captain Planet and the electro grooves from Desert Dwellers with soft steel drums and atmospheric ambient drones. We hope these yoga music selections will fuel your practice with joy, devotion, inspiration, and peace.

Toque by DJ Captain Planet

Los Angeles based DJ and producer Captain Planet has masterfully combined Salsa, Boogaloo, Merengue, Bomba beats with contemporary electronic sounds. These Latin dance music remixes are pure fun, and these six tracks are certain to get your body moving and grooving on your mat.

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The Clear Path by Various Artists

While these 12 tracks might be better suited for the dance floor, dropping one or two of them into a yoga playlist will certainly spice up your vinyasa practice. Desert Dwellers have curated and contributed to these tracks which showcases their unique style of modern electronica beats fused with classical ethnic world instruments and vocals.

Remembrance by Helios

When Keith Kenniff isn’t scoring music for films he works on several side projects, including his ambient electronic-acoustic project Helios. These seven tracks range in tempo, tone and feel—starting off with some electronic beats and slowly transitioning to gentle ambient atmospheres.


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Fantasia by Louis L. Handpan

These ten solo compositions performed on the handpan, a metal drum that has a sound between a gong and a Caribbean steel drum, are intricate, complex, beautiful, mesmerizing, and peaceful.

Arrows EP by Crawl Across the Sky

These four tracks are filled with spacious and gorgeous electric guitar sounds which are heavily processed with reverb and delay. With their soothing bursts of strummed guitar notes, these would be wonderful to play during meditation or Shavasana.

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