The Best New Music for Yoga: June 2017 Edition

best new music for yoga June 2017

The sounds of crickets, frogs, and thunderstorms signal summer’s approach. In this month’s list of new yoga music, we share similar contrasts of relaxed, soft, and nurturing music punctuated with persistent rhythms and strong bursts of beats and sound. This month’s collection also boasts an abundance of the sweet sounds of the acoustic and electric guitar. We hope these ten musical selections guide and support your yoga practice in the transition from spring to summer.

Pale Orange Horizon by Neal Bond

The Best New Music for Yoga: June 2017 EditionThese six lovely acoustic guitar tracks from Dublin-based musician Neal Bond feature unusual additions of symphony strings, electronica, and percussion. Starting with several sweet shimmering summer melodies, this sixteen-minute journey slowly transforms into a mysterious elixir of darker sounds.

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Crudo by Gonzalo Rogati

The Best New Music for Yoga: June 2017 EditionThis delightful EP from Argentina evokes a great range of emotions. Since these beautiful and elaborate finger-picking acoustic guitar compositions are a bit dramatic and high energy, they’re great for transitions and peak points in a yoga playlist.

Cultivating Bliss Volume 1: Awakening the Chakras by Ben Carroll

The Best New Music for Yoga: June 2017 EditionThis Portland-based sound healer and musician uses crystal singing bowls to create specific soundscapes for each of the seven chakras. As it is easy to drift off in these mesmerizing drones of intertwining overtone frequencies, they are best suited for meditation, shavasana, and healing work.

Blue Moon by Steve Pulvers

The Best New Music for Yoga: June 2017 EditionThis short yet sweet album from an Indiana acoustic guitarist is perfect for the quieter moments of a yoga practice. Six beautiful finger-style solo guitar compositions contain the expansive and open feel of the Midwest.

Hanuman Festival

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Music for stress relief by meditationsongs

The Best New Music for Yoga: June 2017 EditionDeeply calming and soothing, all ten of these beautiful multi-instrument compositions work great for a gentle yoga practice. Most of the tracks use acoustic guitar and other stringed instruments as the main melodic sound that floats upon a layer of soft synth notes, drones, and pads.

Odyssey by NADA

The Best New Music for Yoga: June 2017 EditionAdd any of these eight tracks into your yoga playlist when you need a strong steady pulse of world music. These unique combinations of global sounds are all engaging, upbeat, fun, and danceable.

Signals by The Echelon Effect

The Best New Music for Yoga: June 2017 EditionThis post-rock soundtrack of electric guitar, drum kit, and synths evokes feelings of gazing up at an expansive summer night sky. Most of the tempos on these tracks are best suited for a faster paced vinyasa practice.

Festen by Manos Milonakis

The Best New Music for Yoga: June 2017 EditionThis album is a fascinating and evocative blend of acoustic instruments (piano, persephone, glockenspiel, violin, viola, cello, and guitar) with electronica elements. Used sparingly and mindfully, these amazing compositions can be powerful and potent soundtracks for inner journeys.

Warmbody by Blue Dot Sessions

The Best New Music for Yoga: June 2017 EditionComposed of electric guitar, bass, and drums, these minimalist jazz compositions from New Orleans are happy, spacious, and sweet. These tracks would work well at the beginning or end of a chill yoga playlist and are also enjoyable to listen to when relaxing at home.

Constellations I. by musicformessier

The Best New Music for Yoga: June 2017 EditionThese gorgeous ambient electric guitar compositions contain layers of clear melody on top of beautiful sonic drones. The album has a sweet range of mellow tempos allowing versatility for these nine tracks.

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