The Best New Music for Yoga: March Edition

The Best New Music for Yoga: March 2017 Edition

What happens when you walk through the doorway between winter and spring? Music can serve as a potent catalyst to support this transition of the equinox, as we notice all of the subtle effects of the sun crossing the celestial equator. We hope you find balance between the introspective pull of winter to the extroverted draw of spring’s warmer days with this month’s selection of new yoga music.

The Best New Music for Yoga: March EditionExplorers of Infinity by Marti Nikko & DJ Drez

While loss and endings were a driving force behind these new recordings from Nikko and Drez, they also contain a layer of celebration and bittersweetness due to their hip hop, reggae and dub beats. Each track was composed to “express a specific rasa, an essential flavor of feeling that cannot be forced or faked.” These ten tracks will certainly take you on a wild ride through multiple musical genres, tempos, and mantras.

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Color Of Flight by The Polish AmbassadorThe Best New Music for Yoga: March Edition

The latest release from this fun and prolific musician-activist intends to “bridge an older era of Polish Ambassador music that many of you fell in love with, with more recent sounds that have helped to expand the TPA audience.” These breakbeat world funk tracks are perfect to welcome the energy of springtime into a flowing vinyasa practice or series of warming sun salutations.

The Best New Music for Yoga: March EditionIneffable by Dexter Britain

Self-taught composer Dexter Britain has released a new EP that evokes “the staggering beauty of the natural world.” Deeply moving and soul-stirring, these instrumental compositions make a perfect soundtrack to a slow and inward-focused yoga practice. As with all of Britain’s recordings, these are also enjoyable and delightful to simply sit and listen to.

Five Talking Hands by X Ä N D R AThe Best New Music for Yoga: March Edition

This singer-songwriter started composing and recording experimental ambient music just over three years ago. The title of her latest release is based on the concept of “two of my hands playing the guitar, two of my hands playing piano and one hand doing the production and mixing.” These ten mesmerizing and introspective tracks are perfect for the quiet moments in your asana practice.

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The Best New Music for Yoga: March EditionCedar Sessions Vol. 1 by Andre Pangrazio and Joshua Roydhouse

Sometimes when two musicians collaborate in the recording studio magic emerges. This is certainly the case when Pangrazio and Roydhouse started laying down these 13 instrumental Middle Eastern and Indian-flavored tracks. Hop on this mystical journey and enjoy the wide range of emotive sounds of acoustic guitar, sitar, keyboard and Weissenborn lap slide guitar.

Stand Like a Rock by OkiThe Best New Music for Yoga: March Edition

These beautiful Native American flute compositions layer on top of a subtle soothing ambient wash. This master flautist is donating 100% of the proceeds of this album to benefit the Standing Rock legal fight to stop the DAPL.

The Best New Music for Yoga: March Editionmeaningful by James Joshua Otto

Composer for the stage and screen, James Joshua Otto’s latest album is the soundtrack for the iOS app meaningful. These 16 beautiful and cinematic compositions loop a few times to make each track 10-11 minutes long—yes, that’s over 2.5 hours of music. Otto found that the meditation topic titles he was assigned (Peace, Life, Beauty, Purpose, Belonging, Gratitude, etc.) were the “most useful stimulus for each piece” he composed. These potent themes are evident in the sound and feel of each track.

Didgeridoo meditace by Dalibor NeuwirtThe Best New Music for Yoga: March Edition

Guided by the intention to dive deep and guide listeners to a meditative state of mind, this Czech musician has crafted a diverse and beautiful collection of instrumental songs suitable for meditation and shavasana. Each track has a unique sound due to the use of a wide range of instruments: shruti box, vocals, didgeridoo, sansula, Tibetan bowl, koshi bell, guitar and Indian flute.

The Best New Music for Yoga: March EditionAlgea Fields by Blue Dot Sessions

The recordings from Blue Dot Sessions continue to be a reliable source for interesting and immersive instrumental soundtracks. Their latest release explores an electronica and ambient flavor to their usual jazz influenced melodies and cinematic compositions.

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