The Best New Music for Yoga: May ’17 Edition

best new music for yoga May 2017

Ambient and quiet compositions predominate in this month’s collection of music for yoga—hopefully, you will find these slow and spacious sounds grounding and balancing the expansive energy of springtime. In addition to these ambient albums, we also have some exciting electro-shaman, folktronica and kirtan recordings to share with you. As always, we hope this collection of yoga music inspires and encourages you to get on your mat and dive deep into your yoga practice.

Biosphere Ambients Vol. 2 by Nav Jodha

The Best New Music for Yoga: May '17 EditionThis Austin-based producer/musician specializes in ambient music to “foster spaces of well being & positive flow.” This album consists of undulating calming ambient soundscapes that contain enough diversity of sounds and textures to keep the listener focused and immersed throughout its hour and a half duration.

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5 Minute Meditations by Lee Rosevere

The Best New Music for Yoga: May '17 EditionThese soft and soothing ambient soundscapes are all exactly five minutes long—making them perfect to use as timers for meditation practice. There are two versions of each composition plus a full album mix track. These slowly changing synth drones are best suited for savasana and meditation.

Cantos de Ma by Ina Filip

The Best New Music for Yoga: May '17 EditionFloat on a sea of sound and soothing vocals with this gorgeous nada yoga (the yoga of sound) based recording. Soft calming vocals intertwine amongst the mesmerizing sounds of the tanpura, guitar, veena, and piano. Choose one of these two versions to play, lie down in savasana, and let yourself drift off into this “pilgrimage through voice.”

Reverence by Lana Sugarman

The Best New Music for Yoga: May '17 EditionBlending traditional kirtan sounds and chants with western and electronic beats, this mantra album is filled with devotion, joy, and sweetness. These eight tracks range from slow to medium tempo and contain both Buddhist and Hindu mantras. Recommended for all kirtan fans.

Remembrance by Scarlet Crow

The Best New Music for Yoga: May '17 EditionThis magical and musical collaboration of two female musicians/activists is haunting and beautiful. These powerful folktronica songs are accented with minimal yet intriguing guitar, cello, piano, percussion, kalimba and various electronica elements.

Minguante EP by Kurup

The Best New Music for Yoga: May '17 EditionThis fun and funky Brazilian electro-shamanic album has a mesmerizing array of sounds in complex yet hypnotic patterns. All six tracks have a medium tempo that would work great during an energizing vinyasa practice.

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Shallow Water EP by AK

The Best New Music for Yoga: May '17 EditionThese three downtempo electronic tracks from German musicians have an abundant amount of reverb which produces a soft, expansive and spacious sound. These songs would make great transitions between ambient tracks and more upbeat songs in a yoga playlist.

Spaces by Adi Goldstein

The Best New Music for Yoga: May '17 EditionMost of these sixteen cinematic tracks are suitable for yoga, meditation and healing work—but a couple of tracks aren’t quite as calming or soothing enough for this use. These diverse compositions of piano, strings and synth would work well for a cool-down part of a yoga playlist but can also be listened to for general relaxation and enjoyment.

Om Space Chanting Meditation by Calm Whale

The Best New Music for Yoga: May '17 EditionThis hour-long soundscape will certainly bring you into a deep state of meditation and entrainment. Undulating layers of didgeridoo and Vietnamese jaw harp drones are beautifully punctuated by shamanic drums, bells and the vocal chanting of the sacred mantra of Om.

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