The Best New Music for Yoga: September 2017 Edition

The Best New Music for Yoga: September 2017

The beginning of autumn invites us to explore an inward and introspective energy both on and off our yoga mats. The change between seasons is a great reminder to be aware of the transitions between movements of music and asana. The start of fall is also a time to shift towards playing slower beats, deeper tones, and lower notes during your yoga practice. May you find the perfect piece of yoga music on this month’s list to facilitate a transition towards slowing down, introspection and contemplation.

General Feelings of Optimism by Samuel Orson

The Best New Music for Yoga: September 2017 EditionThis compilation from Orson’s 120 Days of Music Project features 16 bright, happy and oscillating guitar compositions. Two layers of guitar melodies are mixed with cymbal crashes and guitar thumping to create waves of dramatic expression and a sense of journey and discovery. These tracks are great to use for transitioning into the slower parts of a yoga practice.

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Night Paths by Wil Bolton

The Best New Music for Yoga: September 2017 Edition

Bolton, a London-based artist and musician, creates soft and soothing ambient melodies with guitars, acoustic instruments, vintage keyboards and various stomp pedal effects. This seven-track album was “inspired by reveries of moonlit summer nights, walking aimlessly through forest paths.” Most of these compositions have an introspective feel and would be best suited towards the end of a yoga playlist.

Lost in Thoughts by AK

The Best New Music for Yoga: September 2017 Edition

Combining ambient, chillout, and drum & bass musical genres, Aljosha Konstanty uses a beautiful blend of “hypnotic synthesizers, distant guitars and dreamy electronic percussion” in his latest EP. These five downbeat tracks would make great transitions into the cool-down sequences of your yoga practice or provide a lush lead-in to more upbeat tracks in a playlist.

Being Of Light by Howard Givens & Craig Padilla

The Best New Music for Yoga: September 2017 Edition

The inspiration behind this album is to “musically express the state of awareness that comes through the discovery of one’s ‘inner being’ and pure essence.” While this album contains only four tracks, they combine for an immersive 70-minute listening experience. Padilla masterfully blends electronic and acoustic instruments to create a beautiful, rich and labyrinthine ambient soundscape.

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Aura by Andres Oddone

The Best New Music for Yoga: September 2017 Edition

Inspired and influenced by two trips to India, Oddone integrates field recordings into a mesmerizing electronic arrangement of beats, drones, and melodies. Add a sonic shamanic journey flavor to your yoga practice with these gorgeous slow to medium tempo compositions.

One Under The Sun by Scott Nice

The Best New Music for Yoga: September 2017 Edition

This five-song EP will add some spice to your yoga practice with its fun fusion of hip-hop beats with shamanic sounds, global rhythms, soaring synths, and sweet vocals. Use these five upbeat tracks to guide and support a flowing vinyasa sequence.

Whisper of the Stars by Amaniel & Shani

The Best New Music for Yoga: September 2017 Edition

Recorded live as a meditation concert, this ambient chanting album is deeply calming and soothing. Perfect for meditation or Shavasana, these soft, soaring reverb-soaked vocals lightly float above a sea of synth drones, bells and singing bowls.

echosphere I and II by the heart is awake

The Best New Music for Yoga: September 2017 Edition

Use this 56-minute meditative sound journey to cultivate a sense of “balance, rejuvenation, and well-being.” A mesmerizing mix of overtone vocals, Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, tanpura, harmonium, flutes, didgeridoo, tuning forks, and percussion creates this undulating ambient soundscape.

Elusive Frames by Ed Carlsen

The Best New Music for Yoga: September 2017 Edition

The slow, soft, gentle, and pretty piano compositions on Carlsen’s new album are balanced with the use of moodier strings, synth swells, and darker drones. Hearing the key presses and creeks of the played piano creates an unusual intimacy and spaciousness. These seven tracks are great for the end of a yoga practice or as quiet listening on a rainy day.


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