The Best New Music for Yoga: September Edition

best music for yoga

This month’s collection of music for yoga is quite the eclectic mix. Most of these albums were not written specifically for a yoga practice, but with some creativity you can mix these tracks into an interesting and immersive soundtrack for your practice.

The Code of the Flowers by Ayla Nereo

If you’ve ever wondered what “circle songs and roots music meet tribal beats and folktronica” sounds like, check out this new album from the beautiful songstress Ayla Nereo. Layers of vocal melodies soar and drift over sparse yet hypnotic arrangements of guitar, piano, orchestral strings, and percussion in these sweet and inspirational songs.

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Bunburang by The Wooden Log

Inspired by a seven-day trek through Aboriginal bushland, these seven acoustic guitar and percussion arrangements invoke spaciousness, joy, introspection, and peace.

Ana Ndi Angambo by Nelson & Friends

Nelson & Friends is an Afro-fusion musicians’ collective based in London that combines jazz and funk with Mozambique music. Adding a few of these tracks to a playlist will spice up your flow and propel your practice with the sounds of marimba, bass, electric guitar, saxophone, and percussion.

Tambacounda Express by Diabel Cissokho

This West African kora player, multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter has created a rhythmically, lyrically, and melodically diverse collection of songs on his latest CD. The tracks featuring blues harmonica are my favorites. This album pairs perfectly with the Nelson & Friends CD mentioned above.

Solo by Andris Mattson

These eight solo piano tracks would work well at the end of a yoga playlist to transition into Shavasana pose. This album would also be great for massage, healing work or relaxation.

Heaven and Earth by Simon Wester

This album was specifically created as a tool to relax and de-stress. These ten tracks have a strong cinematic feel to them with soaring orchestral strings, gentle piano, floating synth pads, and electronic percussion.

Devotional Songs I & II by Ruven Nunez

These mellow and sparse arrangements of acoustic guitar, violin, and Eastern string instruments are perfect for the quiet and introspective moments at the beginning and end of a yoga practice. Many of these tracks are quiet enough to use during Shavasana and meditation.

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