The Rise of Broga: More Yoga Apparel Companies Catering to Men

The Rise of Broga: More Yoga Apparel Companies Catering to Men

Published on
February 5, 2015

The yoga world can be kind of a girls’ club. Surely there are exceptions (we know it didn’t start that way!), but women usually outnumber men in classes, leading many to believe that yoga is better suited for females—which of course, isn’t the case. It probably doesn’t help the girls-only vibe that so many fun yoga-related products, accessories and apparel are marketed mostly to female yogis. Come one marketing people! Men can appreciate a good yoga tank top too!

Luckily for the fashion-forward, yoga-loving dudes out there, more companies are recognizing that there is a market for cute, guy-friendly yoga bags and shorts that are made for downward dogs.

Brogamats is one of those companies. It’s products range from the handsome “Tasteful Plaid Yoga Bag” to the silly but fun “Burrito Yat Bag.” The latter, sillier category also includes yoga bags that look like a quiver of arrows, a log, ninja swords and one that is covered in a menacing-looking brown bear print. You know … stuff guys like.

They also make an extra-long, extra-thick mat that is “grippy as hell” for the heavier, taller and sweatier among us. The company’s bio states that they are “avid yogaphiles who felt the range of yoga products currently available was frustratingly narrow, so we decided to start designing our own.” Fair enough, Brogamats. They also point out that their products can certainly be appropriate for women as well. I actually wouldn’t mind toting around that gigantic burrito.

It’s true that lot’s of major yoga apparel companies have options for men (prAna, Gaiam, Be Present and Hyde Yoga to name a few). But Lululemon may be the only one that has gone as far as opening a man-only store. That’s right, the “Man Store” opened in November in New York City, signifying that Lululemon recognizes the potential in expanding their market to include men in a big way. Now dudes looking for “anti-stink” fabric can visit a build-your-own-shorts station without the inconvenience of sorting through racks of ladies stretch pants and tank tops with built-in bras.

So what do you think? Will the companies catering to male-yogis change the face of yoga and create a more inclusive yoga community over all? Or is it just a marketing ploy to sell more stuff?

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